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Sometimes it is a bummer being a motivational speaker when I refuse to follow my advice. 2022 began with such promise, but most of my clients canceled by the second week of the new year. The risk of spreading the mega contagious Covid variant forced organizations to rethink gathering in large groups. The sentiment of rising above ever-changing circumstances and holding on to bold visions did little to lessen my extreme disappointment. The last few years have been like the childhood game Mother May I? The thrill of moving forward is continually thwarted by a strict "No, you may not" response that sends me right back to the beginning. Can anyone relate?

My untied team comprises individuals that refuse to allow me to dwell in a place of pity. At the end of January, one virtual speech remained on my calendar, and I prayed that someone on the other end of the camera needed to hear what I had to share. Approximately 2,300 people listened to my 45-minute presentation. The messages that I received were heartwarming and inspiring.

The truth is that we are all suffering from the multitude of challenges we are facing, and we must continue to support each other. I am thankful for the opportunities to speak my truth, but as I ended my presentation I realized I was the one that needed to be reminded how to persevere. Continue to use your gifts to rescue others, and you will indeed be the one that is saved. 
My Keynote Message For 2022
In this follow-up message to An Extraordinary Life, Jamie reinforces the essential elements necessary to experiencing our extraordinary and focuses on how we can endure and thrive when faced with obstacles. The truths waiting to be discovered on the other side of the struggle will transform us into the individuals we were always meant to be. Resilience is the key to uncovering our true essence and fulfilling our deepest desires.