Vol. 13 January 2020


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On December 13, 2019, I had the distinct honor of speaking at TEDx Cary Women. This life vision was written in the number 2 position on my index card many months ago. Daily, I would close my eyes and vividly see myself on a stage in front of an audience. The task of sifting through a lifetime of memories, and finding a way to craft a message into a mere 18 minutes, seemed impossible. Luckily, I had amazing coaches that guided me through the process.
I felt small next to he enormous screen behind me that displayed images of my Dad. The picture above accurately portrays how I continue to look to him for guidance and inspiration. As I addressed the crowd of 400, I saw the face of another. Instantly, it was as if I was engaged in a private conversation with only him. My oldest son, Jake, was 5 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In an effort to lift my spirits, he drew a portrait and titled his creation Happy Love Mom. 16 years ago, I taped that picture to my mirror, looked at it every single day, and fought to find her in the midst of my battle. From the stage, I could now gaze into the eyes of my grown son and proclaim that motherhood had saved me. This was a moment I could never have anticipated as I dreamed and prepared for this event. Later backstage, we hugged for quite some time. He was proud of me... and that was enough.
This unforgettable day allowed me to pay homage to the people and experiences that delivered me to this place. I sincerely hope that my words will resonate with others, but that is beyond my control. What I now understand clearly, is that I will never miss the opportunity to interact with another human being and hear their stories. For it is in the retelling and listening of common experiences that we truly discover the miracles that are often overlooked.
Together we CAN accomplish what we could never do alone

That statement was proven to be true when a personal idea was brought to fruition. Stephanie Sarazin, the event organizer, was the singular driving force behind bringing TEDx Cary Women to the community. She would be the first admit that it took the talents of many to produce a successful event. Sponsors, volunteers, speaking coaches, speakers, and the 400 attendees all came together for this "Bold + Brilliant" day.
Pictured above: Stephanie Sarazin, Event Coordinator, celebrating with two invaluable members of her organizing team Kara Brown Lee and Lilly Whorton.
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