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The 2022 calendar in all of its unfolding glory patiently waits to be filled with magic. I begin the day in the company of a steaming mug of coffee as I journal intentions, whisper prayers, and count blessings. I thrive within my protective bubble infused with hopeful creativity.
The vibration from an incoming text requires my attention, and this is the exact moment when it all begins to crumble. My son was exposed to someone with
Covid-19, and we must put a quarantine plan in place. The heartburn from last night's takeout, followed by the two slices of apple pie, requires medication.
Piles of laundry, unmade beds, stacked bills, and the wilted Christmas tree effortlessly destroy the last vestiges of peace.

Instability is an undesirable emotion. And yet, walking the tightrope of my unbalanced struggles has revealed truths that I might never have otherwise discovered. The very things that I thought would destroy me have resulted in refinement. How tragic if we forget to bring the cathartic lessons into the new phase of our existence after surviving the battle. 

My prayer for 2022 has little to do with the uncontrollable conditions surrounding me. Instead, I call forth the RESILIENCE that enables me to persevere and experience my extraordinary. 
My Keynote Message For 2022
In this follow-up message to An Extraordinary Life, Jamie reinforces the essential elements necessary to experiencing our extraordinary and focuses on how we can endure and thrive when faced with obstacles. The truths waiting to be discovered on the other side of the struggle will transform us into the individuals we were always meant to be. Resilience is the key to uncovering our true essence and fulfilling our deepest desires. 


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