Vol. 31 July 2021

Each month I will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and a bit of humor as we embrace our divine journey together. Be sure to check out my website JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.

Imagine training for months and then never actually showing up on race day. Would you consider giving 110% at every single practice, but refusing your coach when he instructs you to enter the game? Passionate preparation should bring forth new opportunities, but many of us stand at the precipice of success refusing to take a single step forward.

I can relate to the scenarios described above in many areas of my life. I read books written by experts, gather professional advice, listen to inspirational podcasts, and clearly identify my list of purposeful exercises. All of these actions masquerade as meaningful activities, but in actuality I perpetually stop short of the "doing". I am stuck in the gathering, practicing, rehearsing stage of my existence. Frustration sets in as I realize that I am accomplishing next to nothing.
This picture of my Dad doing what he loved reminded me to stop sitting on the sideline. The timeout that lasted for far too long is over. We were not designed to remain still and silent forever. Get in the game and use your unique talents to help your team bring home a victory.
SingleStore, the world’s fastest unified database for data-intensive applications, launched the first East Coast office in Raleigh, NC. I was honored to join the leaders of this organization to celebrate this monumental beginning in the place I call home.
"Your words were amazing! And forever changed my life in the best way. You brought me to tears, and I think this is a good thing. I would definitely want you on my team."
Sherry Vivona, Enterprise Account Executive at SingleStore
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“Jamie gave a powerful and inspirational talk to our group. Her message on life vision and priorities transcends sports and was empowering to our team and every person there; the feedback from my organization was overwhelmingly positive and we would not miss the chance to have her speak to, and inspire us again.”
Jeff Shepherd
CFO, Advance Auto Parts