Vol. 6 June 2019
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Extraordinary Bella

I feel incredibly at home on stage sharing the most intimate details of my life. However, self-doubt settles in the moment I utter my last word. Having no control over the way in which my presentation is received, I often struggle to let go of my insecurities.
During a recent fundraiser for the Autism Society of N.C. , I had the honor of meeting the talented Miller family. As we exchanged pleasantries, I noticed Bella drawing on a pad. I learned she was in 7th grade, and had lofty aspirations for her future. As I was introduced to speak, I took a deep breath, suppressed any lingering doubts, and confidently grabbed the microphone.

People usually applaud when I am finished, and if I am lucky, I might even share a few hugs. This particular evening, as I made my way back to my seat , I discovered a single sheet of paper on the table. While I was addressing the audience, Bella had created an image of how she saw me. Through teary eyes, I took in the sketch of a confident woman holding a microphone, glittering stars framing her face, and a heart clearly displayed on her chest. A young girl that I had only known for a few brief moments, had clearly captured my bold, audacious life vision.
Professionally framed and proudly displayed...this portrait is my daily reminder of who I am, and what I am trying to accomplish. Sweet Bella used her amazing gift to affirm my divine path. I will be forever grateful for the angel that brought such clarity and illumination to my world.

Some people speak and motivate and inspire, and you clap and cry and stand in ovation and thank the Lord that you are sitting in the audience because the person speaking is so gifted that she has transformed you in an hour. All signs point to the fact that you will be attending her book signing within two-years' time as she shares her light, her grace, her humor and her passion with the world.

Amy Powers Greene
Rodan + Fields Consultant
A Special Acknowledgement

My Father always said that the greatest gift you could give another is believing in them. Holly Brewer is wife to Paul, Mom to Anderson and Bennett, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Entrepreneur, and Leader. She has created a dynamic force within Rodan + Fields. And yet, when you talk to her it is as if you are her highest priority. This new addition to my world has brought me a friend, mentor, and valuable treasure. Her belief in me renewed my spark and energy. Be thankful for those people that you meet along your own journey that fill you with powerful faith.