Vol. 18 June 2020


Each month I will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and a bit of humor as we embrace our divine journey together. Be sure to check out my website JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.
Athletic ability must skip a generation... because I cannot walk and dribble a basketball at the same time. Growing up, I did not have much to contribute to the conversations at dinner since I had no idea what it was my Dad actually did for a living. However, the team concept was clearly illustrated during the hours that I spent in arenas watching my Dad coach. Every aspect of the game seemed perfectly orchestrated. Each player knew exactly what they must do in order to achieve victory.

Over the past few months, I have witnessed the significant struggle felt by individuals trying to motivate and connect with their team. In both our private and professional lives the game plan we had been following had to be changed. Some have been more affected than others, but there have been adjustments for all. How can we ensure that our teams not only stay in tact, but also grow stronger?

Recently, I have had the privilege to collaborate with several companies that desired to provide some motivation for their employees, clients, and partners. Leaders hoped to send a message of solidarity to those they value. After spending a hour sharing my message, these were but a few of the responses received from virtual audiences:

"I didn't know what to expect. That is the best webinar I've heard in a very long time, certainly during a pandemic. Thank you."

"This provided a great reprieve from the daily grind. Nice to have an inspirational session to balance out what may have otherwise been a groundhogs day similar to yesterday."

"Jamie Valvano made me laugh, made me cry and sometimes both at the same time. Was totally not expecting to log into a session that would inspire me like that. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of that."

I humbly share these comments because I believe that together we CAN accomplish what we could not do alone. Please allow me to be a part of your team... as we move forward to claim our ultimate victories.
This was a message written by my 20 year old son to offer some courage when I recently faced an unknown outcome. I often speak of the lasting legacy that each of us are creating for our children as we live the moments of today.
My father taught me how to persevere in challenging times. Our children our watching. We must show them that there is never a reason to give up.
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