Vol. 3 March 2019
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Thank you for following the journey. Each month I hope to bring you stories of inspiration, living life and the ultimate path each of us are on. Be sure to check out my website www.JamieValvano.com for more information about my speaking engagements and more.... and most of all I encourage you to #BeExtraordinary today.
March Madness 

The image of my Dad frantically running around the court looking for someone to hug will forever be seared in my memory. 36 years have passed since the 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack cut down the nets after winning a National Championship. At the age of 37, Jim Valvano had accomplished the audacious vision he had set into motion when he decided to become a coach. In that moment of pure joy, he wanted nothing more than to celebrate with those that had traveled beside him on this miraculous journey. 
At the beginning of every season, Coach V would have to find a way to motivate a group of young men to believe that they were champions. Each of his players would have to utilize their particular skills in order to achieve the singular dream of cutting down the nets at the end of a triumphant season. Never having the privilege of being a member of an athletic team, I was in awe of the collective power displayed when individuals work together, believe in each other, and refuse to give up. 
Enjoy the thrill of victory discovered in this magical month of hoops. As you work toward your own personal success, take a moment to visualize the champions that surround you. Recognize that breakthroughs are birthed when we collaborate and listen to a variety of talented people. When you reach your “cutting down the nets” moment, celebrate with every single person that is a member of your amazing team.
Susan Veazey, Kristi Beeler , Jackie Plemmons, and Kelli Coley proudly displaying their vision cards and Wolfpack pride.
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“Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Jamie share her message on living an Extraordinary Life in two different audiences. In both situations, the entire room was captivated by her family history, touched by her personal experiences, and inspired by her words of wisdom. She shared stories that will surely make you laugh, might make you cry, and will definitely give the keys to not just talk about doing great things, but to actually do great things. Business meetings, sports fundraisers, or educational events looking for some motivation…Jamie Valvano has what it takes to make your event Extraordinary."

Eric Hunley
Senior Manager, Pre-Sales Support at SAS
Cary, N.C.


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