In our never ending quest to bring to you the very best information we can glean from the most up to date clinical research, today we will be discussing…

Dumm dumm dah!…. inflammation.
Yes, the kind that increases with age… heck it just might even be aging.

We all think of inflammation as swelling … like around an ankle after a sprain or in a pesky knee when the weather changes.

But, the type of inflammation we’re talking about here is at the cellular level.

This is a different animal altogether.
Cellular inflammation is a process that slowly robs the cell of its natural properties of function by chemically interfering with mitochondrial activity and allowing toxic waste products to accumulate.

It’s most notably a problem in cardiac function but can be found throughout the body in any organ, including brain (more on that later), skin, liver, kidney, even our eyes… literally every cell in our bodies can be affected.
So, what to do?

Glad you asked.

These inflammatory processes can be short- circuited by the addition of anti-oxidants (like ALA) and now… we think we have the holy grail of anti-inflammatories in our sights.

Enter….. Circumin
It’s the active chemical in Turmeric.
Primarily found in Indian food, it can be added to foods or taken as a supplement, either alone or together with other good stuff like Hyaluronic Acid (for joints), Willow Bark (for pain and inflammation) and Ginger Root.
You can find these ingredients in their safe and proper forms, all together in High Potency OrthoVite .

Easy on the stomach too, without the side effects of NSAIDs.

So, is it worth it to add Turmeric to our daily diet?
Yes….. we think it is. And science agrees.

Always consult with your doctor first, of course.

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