"God does not need me to do anything.  In an instant, He can cure all disease.  But, out of His amazing love, He allows me to be a part of the process of restoring His Kingdom."
Rwandan children

God continues to amaze us through His gracious provision.  We think we know what will happen, but God provides exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine.  Much of that is through the faithful support of people like you who have made all of this possible.  Thank you for being a part of this restoration process of God's Kingdom.
So What?  What is the impact?
Many reports from charities talk about their outputs, like the number of meals served or children treated with medications.  But, what has really changed?  Is it really valued?  We asked some of our partners these questions about Sustainable Med, and these are a few of their responses:

Dr. Anita Baine 

"The focus on preventions of NTDs and eventually eradication of diseases was very helpful because many organizations focus mostly on treatment with little effort on eradication. ... If you teach the people and show them how to develop themselves they will change and cause change to the land."
- Dr. Anita Baine (Kenya)

Pastor Ambokah

"The Medical training in Nairobi was my transformational moment in life. I am so happy that I came. Every lesson was a great teaching to me. I have gone back to my community and I have invited all the Pastors and church leaders in our community the end of this month"
- Pastor Enock Ambokah (Kenya)

Dr. Ricky Reward"This ministry is very valuable to my community because it brings complete healing of soul and body for my community for whom integration of the Gospel and medicine has never been carried out...My people live in a rural community full of superstitions of witchcraft, sorcery and curse. They believe these are the cause of diseases in the community not unhygienic behavior...This will lead them to know in Christ their beliefs, that keep them [living] in fear, become powerless."
- Dr. Ricky Reward (Uganda)
Moving from Ideas to Action
We have been blown away with the speed and energy of our partners who have begun implementing the concepts they learned during the conferences.  But, these are still new initiatives and most diseases have been neglected for decades or even centuries.  So, additional resources are needed to provide the initial push to prove and initiate these concepts.  

In most organizations, these would be our "programs".  However, we believe strongly in the local ownership of these solutions to both empower the local people and ensure sustainability.  So, we give out "grants" to allow local people to direct local programs.  Here are two samples of the many requests we hope to fund through the generous support of our donors:

Dr. Mwatha

Location: Tawa, Makueni County, Kenya

Lead Doctor(s): Dr. Mwatha and Dr. Anita (wife)

Partner Church(es): 19 senior pastors and 98 churches of the Tawa Interdenominational Coalition.

Projected Impact: 1,000+ (direct care) and 20,000+ (education and prevention)

Budget: $11,875 USD

Strategy: 3 teams (doctors, pastors, and community health workers) collaborating to provide education, preventative supplies, treatment, and follow up.  Use of Zero in on Zero to provide optimal care, but concepts will be translated to oral communication (story, songs, etc) for local people.

Target Diseases
Tawa target diseases

Dr. Mwatha and Prim

Location: Kyankwanzi District, Uganda

Lead Doctor(s): Dr. Mayengo and Prim (wife)

Partner Church(es): Our Lady of Presentation, Ndibata Parish (main church plus 62 sub parishes)

Projected Impact: 1000+ (direct care) and 28,000+ (education and prevention)

Budget: $10,487 USD

Strategy: Education, treatment, and supplies overseen by medical staff who will rely upon church leaders and the Village Health Teams to disperse both knowledge and medical supplies.  Village leaders, market vendors, and teachers will also be engaged in the education process.  Use of Zero in on Zero to provide optimal care, but concepts will be translated to oral communication (story, songs, etc) for local people

Target Diseases

Nov 11 event
Nov 11 event at Stir
Partnering to Support Local Solutions
Over 60 of our closest friends and supporters joined us on November 11th to learn more about Sustainable Med as well as ways they can partner with us to support the indigenous medical and faith leaders who are working to eradicate NTDs in their communities.  While everyone raved about the space and food, the real stars were Dr. Mark Snyder, who explained the history and vision of the ministry, and Pastor Emmanuel, who shared about the impact and importance of Sustainable Med on his community now and in the future.

Because of a generous seed fund that covers our administrative expenses in full for the next 2 years, 100% of the money donated will go towards the grants and future conferences.  We cannot do this without you.

2014 Funds Raised: $118,200
Remaining Funds Needed: $54,150

Donate Now 
Sustainable Medical Missions is a Public 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible
Pastor Emmanuel in Cincinnati

Pastor Emmanuel Family
Pastor Emmanuel and Family
There are not many times in your life when you get to meet a living legend, but those who attended our November 11th event at Stir were able to connect with Pastor Emmanuel from Rwanda.  Pastor Emmanuel shared how God brought him through the terrible genocide, life on the streets, and other struggles to lead him to the place where he is now. He serves as the General Secretary for the Rwanda Baptist Union and lead pastor over his home church as well as dozens of church plants in Rwanda, Congo, and Burundi.  His unique calling and position allows for great influence over many leaders in Rwanda and the surrounding nations.

We were also honored and thrilled that Pastor Emmanuel was able to spend a few extra days in Cincinnati.  We showed him some of the highlights (like the Montgomery Inn restaurant), and he shared about the impact of Sustainable Med in his community as well as many stories from his life.  We even learned that Pastor Emmanuel was able to learn how to grow apples in Rwanda through a technique he learned on tricking the apple trees to think it is winter.  Apples are a luxury item in the tropics, so this granted him great favor with the Rwanda department of agriculture.

God has connected some amazing and bright leaders like Pastor Emmanuel to Sustainable Med.  We are so thankful each day that we get to work in partnership with these incredible people, and we look forward to seeing them again in 2015.

2015 Conference Locations
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ukraine, and Nepal
In This Issue
So What?
From Ideas to Action
Nov 11th Event
Pastor Emmanuel
New Board Member
Volunteer Spotlight

We are so excited to welcome and introduce Steve Wanamaker as the newest member of the Sustainable Med Board of Directors.  Steve is the current President and Publisher for Venue Media, and he brings over 17 years of media and marketing experience.  But, most importantly, Steve is a follower of Jesus Christ, has as huge heart for outreach, and is an amazing husband and father.

Volunteer Spotlight
Dave Cummings
Dave Cummings has been a volunteer with Sustainable Med for the past several months.  He has used his skills as a retired teacher and current ACN representative to assist in the creation of our resource and partner organization database.  This effort is crucial since we try to connect the faith and medical leaders with other organizations who provide critical goods and services related to clean water, medications, medical supplies, and communication/ technology.

Some other key volunteers:
-Board of Directors
-Selin Mariadhas
-Alex Levit
-Erin Murray
-Carol Snyder
-Lincoln Chirochierwa
-Nyikkeabasi Ekott
-Tarisai Chipfupa
-Ben Wittkugel
-Kelly Rowland
Ministry Quick Links
Partnerships and Thanks
It is impossible to do this much good work alone. We would like to thank these valuable people and organizations that have helped make all of this possible over the past few months.
  • Numerous pastors, priests, doctors, nurses, and health care workers who have taken the Sustainable Med teaching and concepts and started making a huge impact in their communities.
  • Jamie Easterling, Director of Operations for Good Sam Hospital, for agreeing to put together a short course of material on hospital administration for both the aspiring administrators as well as the countless doctors who become the default administrators in the rural hospitals throughout Africa.
  • Lincoln Chirochierwa, Nyikkeabasi Ekott, and Tarisai Chipfupa for continuing their work on creating NTD training modules.
  • November 11th event at Stir
    • Matt Byers and Ellie Wilke of Stir for their wonderful support in helping make our event so spectacular
    • Kelly Rowland for donating endless hours and incredible amounts of energy to orchestrate the program, printed material, food, drinks and countless other details
    • Selin Mariadhas for putting together the amazing slideshow (see above)
    • Kathy Eten for making the beautiful and delicious mini carrot cake cupcakes

  Carrot cake cupcakes

Contact Information
Executive Director
David Snyder                                                                                   www.sustainablemed.org