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Journey to Awakening webinars
  • 5 Keys to Healing the Past and Opening your Spiritual Gifts

In this series of webinars, we will engage in steps to heal using primarily Theta Healing. In the discussion and practice of self-awareness and loving-kindness, we add to the quality of our lives. We follow the energy and invite miracles and synchronicity. Through guided meditations our Awakening continues, our love of the Divine grows as we expand our experience of Oneness.

Wednesdays, March 20 - April 17 @ 11:30 am PST, online in Zoom

I was hooked from the first meditation we did, which helped me to affirm what I knew to be True about myself. I enjoyed working with Lynne and other participants as I worked on exploring gifts I had not acknowledged in the past. I became aware of old beliefs I have brought with me. I love becoming more aware of beliefs which no longer serve me, and to bring forth a new awareness of who I am and how I have come to serve.
-        Sandy 

ThetaHealing Seminars
Become a practitioner, advance your skills as a healer and as an intuitive.
Scholarships & payments plans available. In Phoenix. Visit  for seminar descriptions.

  • Advanced ThetaHealing     March 11-13 in Miami, FL (prerq.)
  • Dig Deeper ThetaHealing   April 11-12 (prereq. bsc & advncd)
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing    April 18-20
  • Manifesting Abundance      May  8-9 (3 prerq.)
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight May 10
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing     May 14-16
  • Advanced ThetaHealing      May 22-24 (prerq. Basic)

New and wonderful: VIP Day with Lynne
ยท         VIP Day to include: ThetaHealing, a guided meditation, a reading, a body scan, divine downloads, grounding activities, change of limiting beliefs, a vegetarian lunch, access bars if desired & ends with a future reading (a four and a half-hour personalized program).  Visit the website!



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