November 2020
Eat Healthy-Stay Active!
Wild Plum Center has been participating in UCLA's "Eat Healthy-Stay Active!" program which is a project funded by the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness. The main goal of this project is to help families and staff members eat healthier foods and to become more physically active. 

WPC staff apply trainings in the classroom and participate in a healthful activity every day. Proposed activities include learning how to plant a bucket garden and holding a child-focused farmers market.

As the Holidays near, let's make it an intention to make something healthy for the dinner table too!
Sweater Weather
For over a decade, Longmont Senior Center's Knit and Purl group knits each of our students a sweater and hat. That is hundreds of sweaters this organization produces each year for our families!

So, THANK YOU Knit and Purl for the countless Sweater Days you have provided and the opportunity to integrate the day with our curriculum each year. From counting stripes, to naming colors, patterns and designs, we sure have enjoyed incorporating your good-work into our lesson plans.
What Wild Plum Families Are Thankful For:
We asked WPC families why they are thankful for Wild Plum Center and think you'll be just as touched as we were to learn what they wanted to share!
Don't Forget COGIVES DAY 12.8.2020
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