We are so excited for the NEW things coming to La Porte First!

On Mondays, we are going to start something called Motivation Monday! This will be an encouraging word, scripture, song, or even something funny from the Leadership. We all know Mondays are hard, so this is just a little pick-me-up!

On Thursdays, we will bring you Face Value with Pastor Shane! This will be a video devotional that will be sent out weekly, to encourage and uplift you!

On October 2, 2021, at 9 am, we have an opportunity for you to learn about and receive training in any area of ministry you are interested in! Let us help you Find Your Place!
Our Backpack Ministry has a new name and a new look!

9thirteen is based on Luke 9:13 "13 But Jesus said, “You feed them.”

If you would like to give, you can do so by clicking the button below!
We have some exciting news about our new Sunday night kid’s discipleship layout! Get ready to be “engaged” with fun group activities, small group activities, lessons, breakout sessions, and monthly discipleship outings.
Our primary goal has always been discipleship and through our new Bible Engagement Project, we will be able to accomplish our goal of family discipleship.

WHY: We desire to see kids grow and develop in discipleship in a fun and “engaging” way while also having an easier time transitioning from kids to youth to adulthood.

HOW: As a church body we are going to be conducting family ministry through the Bible Engagement Project. Our men and women will be learning at a deeper level alongside our children. The goal is for families to learn and grow together at church and then continue in their development at home!

WHAT: On Sunday nights we will be starting as a big group of children of all ages, we will have a short, “engaging” lesson. We will then break out into smaller groups of boys and girls to have deeper discipleship on a more personal level. We will conclude with a fun group activity that is fun, competitive, and that has meaning. On the last night of the month, we will have boys and girls discipleship outings in which adults will mentor and disciple kids while teaching them life skills.

We will continue to work with children who have a passion and desire to complete their Royal Ranger and Girl’s Ministry programs on their own time!

We desire a healthy church. A healthy church needs all parts to not only function but function and grow together. We desire to raise a generation who are “engaged” spiritually, growing and finding their place in the body of Christ as we as a body do the same.

We will see you there at 5 pm on Sunday nights!
Love y'all!
-Pastor Josh