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Wake up and smell the flowers
Most of you know that we have been mandated to close by the Governor and we are not sure when we will be back seeing patients. In the meantime I am doing herbal consultations, essential oils and supplements. Contact me through email ( or leave a message on the phone 907-456-4521. I will also be offering telemedicine through FaceTime for those of you that are interested.
These are interesting times indeed. Though we’re not even two months into he Year of the metal Rat, it has already made a remarkable start. The Rat is known best for the carrier of the plague and the metal element is related to the lungs in Chinese Medicine. Though the office is closed to keep from potentially exposing you to any dangers, I am no less present, doing my best to impart helpful, healthful information with the aim of keeping you well and out of danger. I’m guessing you’ve already seen plenty of information about hand washing, social distancing and the like. I’d like to add some additional tools to your toolbox for these challenging times that are unique to my profession. Simply email or call me with any questions.
Chinese Medicine having several thousand years of knowledge has already lived through countless deadly epidemics. There are many foundational text in Chinese Medicine that treat these conditions. In China currently 80% of patients are receiving Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture in the Hospitals.


Please use your spice rack! Many of the herbs and spices in your spice rack have antimicrobial properties and can also help to eliminate the “dampness” in your body. Basil, black pepper, cardamom, clove, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, garlic, ginger, marjoram, nutmeg, oregano, parsley, rosemary, curry, paprika, cinnamon, thyme, and the list goes on.... All of these can support digestion, fight germs and decrease dampness. Sipping on warm liquids all day can help flush the virus from your throat to your stomach where your stomach acid can kill it. Don’t get dehydrated!
Diet and Eating
In Chinese Medicine, dampness is the translation of a term that refers to an over accumulation of fluid. Including swelling, cysts, excess phlegm and mucus, and too much fluid in the lungs (pneumonia) are all forms of dampness. Chinese Medicine doctors treating Coronavirus in China have classified it as a “damp plague,” a pathogen that thrives in “damp” environments. By making our bodies less “damp” we can become less hospitable hosts to this particular virus.
Generally speaking avoiding sugar, alcohol and dairy products are the top three recommendations. All of these food categories tend to increase “dampness” in the body. Eating and drinking cold and raw foods can also create dampness by overburdening our digestion. So it is best to eat and drink only warm or room temperature foods, predominantly cooked foods. Have your drinks without ice, opt for steamed or roasted veggies instead of salads, plus trade those smoothies for a bowl of soup or hot tea. Overeating in general also creates dampness. So don’t stuff yourself, 70% full is best.


There are numerous studies that show how the increase of sugar intake leads directly to a decrease in immune response. There are already studies showing that people who have difficulty controlling their blood sugars are at higher risk of getting COVID-19. So if you need a sweet, try reaching for some fruit and better yet cook that fruit with some ginger and cinnamon on top.
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