Newsletter |September 27th, 2021
Lord, Hear Our Prayers
For the sick, especially: James Dillon, brother of Theresa Ward; Helmut Schweiger, father of Tom Schweiger; and Bob Swanson. May they know Gods comfort and love.

We invite you to complete our Prayer Request Form or call/email Jody Fitts at the parish office at 206-523-6776 to add names to the prayer list.
OLL Thanks You!
Thank you to Ned Delmore for speaking this weekend on behalf of Saint Vincent de Paul. Your passion and dedication to this organization inspires all of us to do more. Thank you also to all the members of our local chapter of Saint Vincent de Paul who received a special blessing at this weekends Mass.

View our September Highlights HERE which features more about Saint Vincent de Paul and the work they do in our community.
Happy Feast Day Saint Vincent de Paul
In honor of Saint Vincent de Paul's Feast Day today, September 27th, consider donating to our chapter of SVDP. Cash donation can be made via:

  • Online giving (choose "GIVE NOW" for SVDP)
  • Collection basket (in the back of the church)
  • Sent/dropped off at the parish office

Non-perishable and household items can be left in the SVDP box in Jubilee Hall or brought to the parish office.
OLL, We Celebrate You!
Join us in congratulating Judy and Scott Armstrong who celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary with a special blessing from Father Tim at Sunday's Mass.

If you have you would like to celebrate or share something in an upcoming newsletter, please email Liz Jackman
OLL School Fall Open House October 13th
Word-of-mouth from our current parents and parishioners is always one of the most effective ways of spreading the word about joining our school community. It’s already time to start shouting from the rooftops that applications for new students for the 2022-2023 school year are now available online. The priority deadline for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten is December 15.

Our first Open House is Oct. 13 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. We’ll have student-led tours, and a chance for families to learn more about our educational programs and extracurricular activities. Prospective families can register to attend HERE. Thank you for passing along this info to families who may be interested! All attendees must show proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Any questions? Please contact Deven McCoy for more info. 
Join Our Family of Faith
Hear from Kendra Baker, our Director of Faith Formation, in the video below about our new Family Faith Formation program, A Family of Faith. This program is for families to grow together in prayer and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Activities and lessons are designed for parents and children ages Kindergarten through 8th grade. Together with other families you will explore the faith and find ways to incorporate it into your family life!

If you would to join in, please register HERE.
Archdiocese of Seattle Signs the
Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition
Sponsor A Laker Today!
On September 30th, our school's PS - 8th graders will be participating in their annual Fun Run. This year they are hoping to get Leo the Lion, to the treasure of $40,000. They are on the way to reaching the goal, but still need your donations! Our "treasure" this year will be used to support our general operating budget, purchase family t-shirts for Grades Pre-K – 8th and enrich the Art and Music Program, which includes: new paper cutter, expansion of the art library, and more percussion instruments! Donate here today!
National Hispanic Heritage Month
In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the participants of the first monthly OLL Anti-Racism meeting we held on Tuesday asked we include this prayer.

God of all peoples and nations, Dios de todo el mundo —
We praise you for your creativity made manifest in the gifts of tribes, ethnicities and cultures across the world. Each one bears your mark of goodness and grace.

We especially praise you and thank you for your children with Hispanic heritage – the descendants of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
We find you in the beauty of their art, the joy of their song and their commitment to la comunidad – community.

We hear you in their call for a more just world – one of solidarity and liberation. We know you better because of the witness of their faith, may their faith and ours be bound together by your love in convivimiento – conviviality — that spirit of unity, respect and empathy for which there is no substitute.

Keep all those with Hispanic heritage in your care,
hold them in your love and make us fierce advocates and
allies for welcome, inclusion and the common good.

We pray with Nuestra Señora de – Our Lady of - Guadalupe,
patroness of all the Americas.

If you would like to share how you celebrate your Hispanic heritage, please send your pictures and/or short story to Liz Jackman
Beginning the Conversation...
Building a Racially Just Parish
OLL parishioners have begun the conversation on building a Racially Just Parish. Participants of the August 28, 2021 event created a narrative report that you can view HERE. The first meeting was held Sept. 21st and a report from the meeting can be read HERE.

The next meeting will be via Zoom on October 18th. If you are interested in participating, please register HERE. Please refer questions to
A Message From Our Sister Parish in Yali!
Hope this message finds you all well. I am sharing with you this video recorded by a musical group. The song talks a little about the history of the municipality and natural beauties we have as well as some of the economic activities we have in Yalí. There is also an old picture of the church. The name of the song is Qué Bonito Es Mi Yalí = How Beautiful Is My Yalí.

Hope you are all healthy. We are trying as much as we can to stay healthy, but we have seen lots of coronavirus cases, this is because people forgot about some of the measures and started to go out without masks. Now we have the Delta Variant which is causing more deaths, we have seen so many priests and doctors who have passed away. Also, teachers whom I know have gotten very sick. A lot of them work with me at the school. Face masks are starting to disappear and alcohol and other cleaning products have increased in price. As I always say we have three pandemics in Nicaragua. Pray for all of us as we continue praying for you also.

Take care, Keyla
Where Do Girls Go If They Want To Go Backpacking 50 Miles? 
Learn how to treat a broken leg? Know how to survive overnight in the wilderness? Train to safely shoot a shotgun? Or earn the rank of Eagle Scout?” Troop 681, that’s where. 😊

Troop 681 is an all-girl Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts) troop located in N. Seattle and is currently looking for new members. Any girl in 6th grade and up are welcome to come check us out.

Please visit our website HERE for more information or to register. We are excited to “SCOUT YOU IN.”  
September Collections   
Monthly Budget Goal: $57,000
Collections 1st-23rd, 2021: $59,898
Over/Under MTD Budget: $2,898

Year To Date
July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021
YTD Budget Goal: $139,600
YTD Collections: $174,613
Over/Under Annual Budget: $35,013
Please consider giving your gifts online. Please click on picture to give a one-time or recurring gift.
Thank you!
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