What is it about old tube radios?
There's something magic about them. Right?

Is it just a nostalgia thing or maybe an admiration of an era where class and elegance ruled! In these days of disposable technology, there are some things just worth saving.

Anybody still have a functioning tube set? How did you come by it?

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That's It. Enjoy! 
Fix Up that Old Radio_

Even though they're ancient by today's standards, old tube radios can almost always be brought back to life, and there's still plenty of broadcasts out there for them to receive! Not to mention, they just look so classy and have a presence few modern electronics can match.

Octopart - Looking for High Slew Rate Op-Amps_
Clean Power

While clean power is frequently equated with green power, it can also refer to AC power free from spikes, dips, surges, audio, and RF noise. I recently learned the hard way that one of the precautions commonly taken to assure uninterrupted, clean power can take down your computer and potentially devastate your entire workshop.

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Understanding Harmonics Using Simulation

Harmonics form a base line for testing, comparing, and explaining various circuits. This short tutorial shows how you can systematically look at the structure of complex circuits using a simulation program and building block approach.

I recently read a statement in a book that said switch contact bounce could "easily be eliminated by the fitting of a small capacitor" into the circuit. No details were given. Are you familiar with using a capacitor to eliminate bounce? If so, how do you determine the value of the capacitor, and how is it placed in relation to the switch?
So_ You Think You Know Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is just about the most widely used wireless technology in the world. However, there is a lot you may not know about IT. Here is a primer to bring you up to date.                     
Stop by our Tech Forum and weigh in. We know y'all got skills and opinions. This is the place to share some knowledge or get some.

I want to convert a 3D printer to a laser burning station to work with wood veneers and leather goods. Any advice on the best type and color of laser ...

I'm trying to bring an old tube transmitter back to life. The power supply uses oil filled capacitors ...

All the design software I've found requires that work be done online. I need recommendations for offline software to generate a file for use by ...
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The Arduino Inventor_s Guide
Book Pick Of The Week
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The Arduino Inventor's Guide
Learn Electronics By Making 10 Awesome Projects 

The Arduino microcontroller makes it easy to learn about electronics, but it can be hard to know where to start. These projects will teach you to build, code, and invent with the super-smart Arduino and a handful of parts.

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