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What is learning?

You may be attending college, taking online classes, or simply exploring something new on the internet. Have you ever thought about what 'learning' actually is? Did anyone ever discuss this topic with you? Interestingly, I completed Navy instructor school and became a Certified Navy Master Training Specialist. Afterwards, I completed a Masters-level instructional design class. In both scenarios the classic definition was the same: Learning is changed behavior that results from experience.

 So, what exactly does that mean? Well, in the first part of the definition says learning is "changed behavior". When we learn something new, we are forever changed. We probably won't look any different. We won't necessarily talk or walk differently. But, our behavior changes to a certain degree as a result of learning. That's the reason why we go from elementary school to college; to change. We evolve, grow, and develop into who and what we ultimately become.

Now, the other side of the definition of learning is the "...that results from experience". What this means is there are multiple different venues of learning. Learning doesn't only occur from taking a class (although that is one form of learning), but also from watching a documentary, talking with a friend, starting a new challenging hobby, reading an interesting book or magazine article, or by researching the origin of something on the internet. The list of learning modes goes on and on. I once was teaching a class. A discussion about the value of learning led to the question, "When do we stop learning?" The obvious answer is "Never". That's the beauty of life. We are forever living, learning, and changing. What a wonderful world! - Louis Armstrong.

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Trust, but verify: Combination audit helps minimize risk,
ensures sustainability by J. P. Russell

For one reason or another, there are far more audits of a product, service or process than audits of systems. While system audits verify management system conformance or compliance, their more prevalent brethren focus on the verification of specific methods and product or service characteristics.
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