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Real impact
Robert V. Lange 
Robert V. Lange
I am writing with wonderful news!  

The Maasai Stoves & Solar Project (Tanzania) is proud to announce the opening of our new Cypress Hill

This new site allows our Project to serve as an incubator for new ideas in development, while providing learning and earning opportunity for the people.  

Our work already has a powerful impact on 

economic well-being, women's empowerment
, and  quality of life.  This new campus offers additional opportunity for research, learning, and enterprise. Read more below. 

The Project's work with water is moving forward quickly, and we're happy to report low-cost, successful results of our initial three pilot projects. Read below for more. 

We've taken on new actions this year, and broadened and deepened our long-term involvements. Read more about our overview of work in 2017, and its impact.

With your help, we are making a difference. Thank you for your interest, ideas, and steadfast support. 


Robert V. Lange, Founder
Maasai Stoves & Solar Project 
December, 2017


Announcing Cypress Hill

This building houses classrooms and meeting space

It's here! We are delighted to announce Cypress Hill, our new ICSEE(T) incubator campus.  Located on the southern edge of Monduli in the village of Lachaine, Cypress Hill offers a remarkable opportunity to expand development activities and broaden our reach, while providing new earning and learning opportunities for the people. 

A place for nurturing new ideas

A teaching moment with the Project's science in action

  The new campus is an incubator--a place for nurturing new ideas and exploring what can really work. Over the next few months, look for the start of new enterprise for Maasai women. We'll offer  mini-courses, workshops, and retreats in practical studies. 

Cypress Hill facilities
Initial renovations, like the ones to this classroom, are nearly complete
On 2.5 acres near our current headquarters, Cypress Hill's three buildings, include a dormitory, main building with large rooms, and an office complex. We have nearly completed initial renovations. 

Research, learning, and enterprise

We are in the process of hiring the Cypress Hill Manager who will oversee operations including Cypress Hill's classrooms, factory space, research areas, administrative offices, and spaces for larger gatherings. 

Our heart-felt thanks

We thank the Association for Community Empowerment and Development, Tanga, and Community Projects Africa, UK for a remarkable gift. They gave Cypress Hill to us in recognition of our record of using resources well, for the benefit of the people. Twende!

 Read more  about our new incubator, its history, and initial business plans

Progress with safer water at a low cost

We are very excited about the progress ICSEE is making with helping local communities access safer water
in spite of terrible pollution of local water sources. 

Every Project village needs safer water
Ten gallons a day

With our initial projects, each family gets ten gallons a day of safe water. Installation costs are approximately twenty-five dollars per family. Alum and chlorine chemicals cost about twenty- five cents per family, per month.

Understanding the systems

Our work in developing the first three water project sites has given us a good view of the key elements required for success.

We now understand details of how the chlorination systems work, how they can be managed simply, what they cost, and what is needed to scale up to the level required for public health.  

Read about the simple series of steps we now use, and how local government is connecting. 


What is our impact?

View a four-minute broadcast from Holland's Zoomin TV about the Project's impact on Maasai women. 

Delivering a stove from our factory, ready for the women installers to build the chimney

The Maasai Stoves & Solar Project took on new actions this year, and broadened and deepened our long-term involvements. Each enhances the other.  These include: 

  • Cypress Hill -a new campus serving as incubator for enterprise, research, and learning


As the year comes to a close, I reflect on the growth of our community, our work, and of our many friendships and partnerships, and I am grateful. 

Cattle at our new Manyara feedlot

Read more about the impact of our work, and how your support is used to make a difference for the people. 

 Photography by Philip Lange