Robert V. Lange

The need for collaboration for a better life never lessens.

In the United States we have taken the COVID-19 pandemic as the central concern in our lives. In Tanzania, life continues more normally.

Why the difference? We aren't predicting outcomes, but we observe Tanzania has a very youthful population.  It is a low-income country with much less medical service than in the U.S. Alternatives like home schooling aren’t supported there with technology or parental experience.

Tanzania closed the schools in March but reopened them recently, revising their viewpoint that it would be best for children to continue to learn and receive care at school. The Tanzanian economy is weaker now, especially because tourism stopped. So the Tanzanians are feeling the impact of the pandemic in various ways, but there is a general effort to keep life going as normally as possible.

What is our job now? ICSEE works with hundreds of Maasai men and women, and accepts their decisions about how they collaborate and work now. The people, staff, and leaders of the ICSEE are doing what they find best to avoid infection, and are taking good care of themselves. For these reasons, in our photographs of work gatherings you will not see people staying at a distance from one another or wearing masks.

The Maasai life is conducted largely outdoors and they mix with family and others in their own ways. We organize nothing that makes them feel less in control of their own health. The work continues.

We most fervently appreciate that you are with us. Thank you.