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You can give the critical funds we need to achieve our mission to preserve the oldest "books" in North America.

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Why give to Shumla?

To partner with us as we...

Digitally preserve rock art sites and make sure our data is managed, secure and accessible - now and into the future.

Offer educational programming that inspires and awes. It's one of the best ways to promote preservation.

Contribute to our industry by developing methods and sharing them with conservationists and researchers around the world. 

Make discoveries that will have a lasting impact on our understanding of the human history of our state, our continent and the world.

Partner with landowners, universities, tribes museums and agencies to work respectfully, efficiently and share our knowledge and discoveries.

Train the next generation of STEM professionals, especially rock art preservation archaeologists, researchers and chemists.

We need your support!

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Shumla is a 501(c)(3).

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We fund our entire operation through the generous gifts of people like you.

A gift to Shumla is deductible and makes an immediate impact.

We are intentional and thoughtful about every dollar we spend toward our mission. Your gift will go directly to our programming and the preservation of these ancient narratives.

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