What’s All This About Becoming Self-Actualized?
Here's your answer: What really matters in life is becoming yourSELF. Pain-2-Power is based on the principle that one of the most painful experiences human beings can have is the sense that they have not gotten there and aren’t on their way, either. 

It is only when you resolve to become SELF-actualized and start down that path that you discover whole new reservoirs of personal power.
Anxiety, angst and even depression also sets in when entrepreneurs cannot find the right formula or tap into the clarity, creative inspiration or consistency needed to actualize a business. It hurts. A lot. It’s no different for someone striving to actualize any goal—running for office, getting a book published, becoming a better athlete.
So much of human frustration resides in the gap between what we can become and what can be achieved and that which we have become and have achieved.

How do we humans move from the pain of not being self-actualized to the power of being fully ourSELVES? How do we overcome the pain of not actualizing our goals and making the most of our relationships? The answer is by asking all the tough questions about what made us veer off course. What made us settle for half-truths, watered down dreams or less than 100 percent commitment?
There is a TRUE story about who you really are and what you are destined to do in this world. There is a TRUE story about what your business really should be and what it really will take to get it there. There is a TRUE story about what’s keeping you from being the ideal father, mother, husband, wife, or friend. And there is a true story about how to best rebound from any setback and set the stage for your comeback.
When you’re ready to commit to ACTUALIZATION . . . you’re committing to telling the true and, therefore, most powerful story about anything you want to bring to life—including yourSELF. 

Here are some books to get you started:

Transcend: The New Science of
Living the Truth: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty
The Hero with a Thousand Faces
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