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What is the Advantage of Weight Transfer?
What is weight transfer?
The Trackmobile Weight Transfer System is a hydraulic system developed to implement this idea in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. By simply raising or lowering the couplers, our machines can gain thousands of pounds for traction. Our system is proven to increase traction, and reduce fuel consumption and track maintenance.

Why is it useful?
Trackmobile railcar movers have a distinct advantage in that they are compact and agile, on and off the rail. Our ability to borrow weight through weight transfer provides greater flexibility in areas with tight spacing where switching engines or larger machines don’t have the proper clearances. Weight transfer also allows Trackmobiles to have a shorter wheel base, allowing easy maneuvering in curves.
Also, there is no point carrying dead weight when it isn’t needed, such as during road movement or during a portion of the work cycle when only the Trackmobile itself is being moved. During these times, the Trackmobile is moving only its own weight, saving fuel, wear and tear on the tracks and roadbed, and making Trackmobiles easier and less expensive to transport.

2011 Hercules 1500 hours
2010 Hercules 2300 hours
2013 Viking Less than 500 hours
(These units all carry a 30 day full warranty and 180 days coverage on engine, transmission and drive train.)
LPG Powered 5TM
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