Wednesday May 1, 2019

Hi! I am preparing to train a horse that I would love to race! I am new to this but not to horses, my family has been in the horse industry for ever. I have horses that come from Secretariat and Seattle Slew, I am super excited about this. What is the best thing that I can do to start the training?

Cody Rowell


Dear Cody,
Thank you for your question. Please try to move your mind to the fact that these are simply horses. If I have a particular expertise heading the list of my equine experiences, it is the starting of young Thoroughbreds and preparing them for a race career. Each and every concept I have learned from these eight decades is consistent with the needs of the young racehorse prospect.
We have an Online University . It is loaded with lessons on the starting elements of young horses. There are 550 lessons available and at least half of them are appropriate to visit regarding the early training of horses intended to race. There is also my textbook From My Hands to Yours available.
If I have over 500 appropriate lessons online and a textbook filled with explanation photographs and drawings, it is difficult to wrap all of this in the answer to your question. I appreciate the inquiry but the answer is massive and requires sufficient interest to dig into all of the material available to you. I am happy to answer specific questions once at trip through the mentioned elements has been completed.
May 25, 2019: Night of Inspiration at Flag Is Up Farms, Solvang,California
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~ Monty 

According to author James Harrod (2011), a definition of trans-species spirituality is marked by five behaviors in animals: reverence, careful observation, the experience of dread or terror, the experience of wonder or curiosity, and communion in empathetic intimacy. In a quest to understand if horses possess spirituality, we ask the following questions:
What example(s) of reverence have you experienced or witnessed in your horses, if any?

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