April 20, 2021

Carmel Family & Friends:

We're talking a lot about prayer these days!
  • We've committed 2021 to daily prayer for our Big 3 decade goals. Be sure to pick up your May Prayer Calendar this Sunday in the Gathering Space.
  • We've added an Online Prayer Room where we can share requests and pray for others.
  • And we're updating our weekly Online Prayer Gathering. 

Why? Oswald Chambers - an early 20th century Scottish evangelist and teacher - sums it up nicely 

"Prayer does not fit us for the greater work;
prayer is the greater work."

Oh Carmel, let's be about the greater work! 
  • Let's start our days yielded to the Holy Spirit. 
  • Let's pray together as families. 
  • Let's not just tell people we will pray for them, let's ask if we can pray for them - right then and there.
  • Let's make prayer our first response to everything (Nehemiah 1:4). 
Is there something you, or someone you love, need prayer for?  Would you like to pray for others in the Carmel family, but don't know who or what to pray for?  Visit our Online Prayer Room to post your prayer request and pray for others. Let's join together in prayer and watch the Holy Spirit work!

- The Carmel Team

P.S.  Got kids? Note these reminders:

Parents of High School Seniors - April 25 is the deadline to sign up and submit pictures for our High School Graduation Milestone Celebration. Details here

Parents of Preschoolers - May 2 is the deadline to sign up for Parent/Child Dedication. Details here.

Making summer plans? Check out the Summer at Carmel page for all the ways your family can plug in this summer!

Wednesday Nights at Carmel wrap up for the spring semester on May 12


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