Eighth Week  ~  February 27, 2015

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Bruce Wayne McLellan

Founder & President Aper�u Coaching



Serving the Spirit of Leadership Arising within any Human Being


How do I use this?

My intention is for someone to bring these reflective questions into their life, into their awareness, and into their meditation or prayer. Consider them, contemplate them, journal about them. See what arises. Notice any subtle changes in your perspective, behavior, or attitude as a result.


What is the most important question for me to answer at this time?

Many of the questions in our lives are the "low-hanging-fruit" of the question-and-answer space, for example:  "what's for breakfast?" "Is The coffee ready?" "Are there any dry towels?" and "Should I stop for gas on the way into the office?" We answer them seemingly without effort. Yet, there remains for each of us another, different list of not-so-easy questions..


True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.- Socrates

From the author: Bruce Wayne McLellan

Here is poetry that explores spirituality as it exists and is expressed within the sacred realm of Nature. Some use these poems to set a contemplative tone prior to their daily meditation practice. Purchase this book

Bruce Wayne McLellan
Founder & President
Aper�u Coaching

Serving the Spirit of Leadership arising in any Human Being  

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