June 2020
The mission of Mudita has always been one of connection, creating a place for you to come home to yourself. Our vision is to provide a space to heal our bodies, calm our minds, ignite our spirits.  All of it in JOY.  This moment solidifies our foundation and and brings new sense of passion, of commitment.

The horrendous death of George Floyd has brought the soul sickness of our nation to the forefront. Though we may have tried to close our eyes to the systemic and institutionalized racism, the well-protected casing has cracked open. It is heart wrenching and heart breaking to witness. Yet, we can no longer hide our eyes, close our ears in an effort to relieve ourselves of the burden of our accountability, of our culpability in the daily occurrence of blatant acts of violence and hatred. All of it is here, visible, on the surface. We are being asked see, to hear, to feel with more adeptness, more responsibility, with eyes and hearts wide open.  We can no longer look away. 

There is no one answer, but rather many actions needed. It will take our collective voices rising up saying that Black Lives Matter. It will take our collective action showing that we will stand no more for the injustices woven into the fabric of our nation. It will take me, and you, all of us, turning our eyes and hearts toward a solution, making a commitment.

Mudita is committed. 

Committed to widen our doors to be more inclusive, to bring the faces and voices of people of color to the forefront of conversations.

Committed to create space for the healing of hearts so that we may be more united, standing together as a testament that Black Lives Matter to us!

Committed to continue the good work of Yogis Being Joy to be even more inclusive – widening our scope to serve the needs of communities of color.  

Committed to do our part to dismantle inequality, disparity and awaken to new avenues, new possibilities of creating a world built on the foundation that Black Lives Matter. To work every day to end this plague and not let George Floyd’s death be in vein.

I am committed. 

Committed to continue to offer my classes as intentions for peace in our world. To speak truth, say the hard things. To hold space for you as you open to new understanding, new seeing.

Committed to do my own work, to examine the threads of racism that live within me, to look at how I participate, knowingly or unknowingly, in my white privilege.  

Committed to listen, to understand, to be informed, to take a stand, to act, to march, to speak, to see, to change.

What is your commitment?
I call to each of you to find your own way to commit , to open your eyes, to become a part of the solution. 

Everything is in place for us now. The only question is will we rise to it. 
May it all be in JOY.
Join me in my commitment
experience the vibration of harmony

Sound Bath for Peace

Saturday, June 20
4 - 5 pm

50% of the proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter Utah
It is a blessing to have the Crystal Tones singing bowls at the studio. Our new set is exquisite. The alchemy can be felt with the first vibration.

I invite you to come experience the sound within, to create a space for peace, to commit to being that peace in the world.
Space is limited - commit to peace now!

$25 drop in

Early bird pricing through Thursday - $30 after

May we all feel the possibility peace,
hear the sound of peace,
create a new language of peace.

May we commit, every day.
Carrie Coppola | Mudita - Be Joy Yoga | 801.699.3627 | bejoyyoga.com