January 2020
What is your intention for 2020?
Dear HYE Yogis,

I hope this finds you cherishing the wonderful memories you created and chose to experience during the holiday season. Life is ALL about choices and yes you do have control over ALL your choices. You can steer your life in the direction you want to go with a wise choice of INTENTION, a " Sankalpa " in Sanskrit. What is your intention for 2020 and the next decade?

"Without direction, your life will continue to be driven by these same pre-programmed beliefs, behaviors and habits." Kamini Desai, PHD

I have made time to think, reflect and consider what I want my intention and direction to be in 2020 and beyond. This tends to be a time to set goals. Sometimes goals are set only to be broken before the end of the month. Intention is the conscious placement of energy in the direction you want it to go. When you make time to allow your mind to meditate and focus on stillness, subtle shifts can begin to happen.

My body is made up of internal impressions, " Samskaras " from past experiences that cause me to act in a certain way by habit(s), some helpful and unhelpful. Unhelpful habits drive my life tendencies towards limiting behaviors/decisions, beliefs and negative emotions. I become a victim of my own fears and attachments and believe that old stale self-image and identification from the past. The stories I tell myself are not always the truth. I have the power to create a new improved mindset for my future by setting an intention.

I encourage you to set an intention that will serve who you truly are and what you truly want to be, feel and experience in 2020. An intention is a direction without attachment to a specific end result that allows one permission to get back on track when a detour might happen. A goal tends to be full of self-judgement and inner conflict, if one fails to meet it. Intention allows one to learn from one's detours without conflict and judgment while supporting one to keep moving in the direction desired.

Take charge of your life, create fresh habits and set a new direction. Maybe your intention is: "I will move towards feeling less anxiety", "I want to eat more moderately", "I want to make a career change", "Say 'no" more often", "I want to exercise more", or "I want to accept myself as is". An intention does not mean you have to practice it perfectly, it simply means you have to try your best with self-love, patience and attention with direction! Make 2020 your best year ever and the start of a gratifying new decade!!

"Where attention goes, energy flows." Kamini Desai, PHD

Much love & appreciation,

HYE's Community made a difference in 22 children's lives at East Elementary School! We are grateful for your generous participation!

"THE LIGHT IN A   Child's eyes   IS ALL IT TAKES TO MAKE  C hristmas   A MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR" ~Anonymous
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01/05---Meet at 2:00pm @ the studio for more INFO and/or to SIGN UP
Email hotyogaescape@gmail.com or call Charlene (209.606.1856) for information before 1/5. Training $299 (deposit of $100 required & Work-Study available)

Get started by ordering your copy of YOGA NIDRA-The Art of Transformational Sleep by Kamini Desai, PHD to prepare for your Yoga Nidra journey! (Available on AMAZON)
Jan 5--9:30-10:30am MELT w Nan & Melanie
Jan 5--1:00-1:45pm Yoga Nidra w Charlene
Jan 10--12-12:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 12--9:30-10:30am MELT w Nan & Melanie
Jan 12--1:00-1:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 17--12-12:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 19--1:00-1:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 24--12-12:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 26--1:00-1:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee
Jan 31--12-12:45pm Yoga Nidra w Trainee

MELT will teach you how to do simple self-treatments during class that you can practice at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life. This all-levels class will use specialized soft rollers and MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls to simulate the results of manual therapy. Learn to eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains, and unwanted signs of aging. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, enhance athletic performance, and keep your whole body feeling great at any age.
Bring water and dress comfortably.
It's FREE so bring a friend! Space is limited to 15 lucky ones.
**See MindBody for permanent class times beginning in mid January**

YOGA NIDRA allows your body to sleep, mind to rest and consciousness to awaken. Anyone can do it! It's healing for trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, unresolved emotions, insomnia, migraines and a deeper way to get to know yourself. You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and renewed!
Bring a mat, pillow and anything that will help you lie down comfortably.
It's FREE so bring a friend! Space is limited to 25 lucky ones.
**See MindBody for permanent class times beginning in February**

ALL SWEATSHIRTS 25% OFF thru 1/31/20
HYE Foundation
Dear Yogis,

Thank you to all who participated and generously donated to our 1st Annual NO-SHOW GALA Fundraiser . We have received over $3,000 and will finalize all donations made in the next few days. If you missed making your donation, it's not too late!

Next meeting: January 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm @ the HYE Studio--planning for the Chili Cook-off---please come help in any way!

SAVE THE DATE for HYEF 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off Fundraiser
FEB 28th @ The Elks @ 6pm

Would you like to donate a Silent Auction item for the Chili Cook-off Fundraiser? Please drop off at the studio or email your offering to dlm0711@gmail.com by Feb 15th.

If you or anyone you know is in need of financial assistance from the HYEF to attend classes at HYE, please apply:

The Hot Yoga Escape Foundation is committed to removing financial barriers to allow access to classes at Hot Yoga Escape at a reduced cost for eligible and committed community members.
Make Breathe-Sweat-Heal available to all.    
David started his yoga journey in September 2016. His dedication and commitment to his practice has accumulated over 775 hours with over 650 classes. He accomplished 108 classes in his first 3 1/2 months of his practice! Even though at times, life presented him hurdles to get over, he continued to inspire his fellow yogis with his strong returns to his mat. He has been heard saying more than once, "yoga gave him his life back" and "yoga saved his life". David will forever be HYE's poster child of what it takes to be a true yogi and one that never gives up!! David exemplifies what it means to "breathe~sweat~heal"!

David, we are so happy to have you as part of our HYE family!


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01/20 Martin Luther King, Jr Day
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