Bite-Size Blog #57 -- November 20, 2016

What is your number?

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It is your "numerical" 
score on our 4Leaf Survey. There are a total of 89 possible numerical scores, ranging from -44 to +44, including the "number" zero.

If you tell us your numerical "number," we have a pretty good idea about how well you are eating compared to Dr. T. Colin Campbell's definition of the optimal diet for humans, "The closer we get to eating a diet of whole, plant-based foods, the better off we will be." It's as simple as that.

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A note about precision. In a quick 12 question, multiple-choice survey like this one, it is impossible to determine the precise percentage of calories that are derived from whole plants--but the survey is pretty accurate in identifying those people who could benefit most by adding a lot more whole plants to their daily eating routine. 

Those people will usually score at the first of three levels listed below: 

Unhealthy Diet. Any score below zero. Getting less than 20% of their calories from whole plants, about 90% of the American population is eating at this level--and this is really the group we're trying to reach. With the one-page printed survey, they can circle their answers to the 12 multiple choice questions and can see exactly where they lost points and HOW they can improve their score and their health. Surprisingly, many self-described vegetarians and vegans score at this level.

Fairly Healthy Diet. Any score from zero to +19, the range that includes the 1Leaf and 2Leaf levels. People in this group are already deriving about 1/3 of their calories from whole plants and, with a little help from our survey, can easily move on up to "Superior" level shown next.

Superior Diet. Scoring at +20 or better, people at this level are averaging about 2/3 of their calories from whole plants and are among the top 5% of the healthiest eaters in the world. This range from 20 to 44 includes the 3 Leaf and 4Leaf levels.

Find your numerical score quickly:
Want to increase your number? Check out your complete report by clicking on one of the following six links:
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Validation? After over 100,000 surveys taken, we're confident that it does a great job of identifying the 90% of the population who are consuming a diet that is incapable of preventing or reversing chronic disease.

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