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Through the simple medium of Tempera paint, we learn to express our true nature and to explore our potential.
Give yourself that! Experience the joy of rediscovering yourself and the freedom this can bring to your life.
Family Constellation 
There are times in our lives when we must look beyond our selves to the places and people we come from - to where the exclusion began - in order to resolve and heal our creative blocks and our lives. 
Constellations offer the opportunity to experience and heal the relational entanglements that may be in the way of our true potential. 

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"Come at the world creatively, create the world, It is only what you create that has meaning to you."
~ Winnicott, 1968


Painting from the Inside Out
Why do we not feel creative? What keeps us from our creativity?

Are you afraid of failure?...of success? ...of completion

Why do we hold back when it comes to things we want to do? Why do we wait for "it" to happen, for inspiration to strike?

If you are asking these questions you have taken the most important step. Your desire to be creative has surfaced.

Painting from the Inside Out provides a space to meet this desire. Together we create a vessel for you to express yourself. You can explore your creativity without pressure, using a brush and color to play. Nobody is standing in your way anymore. You may be thinking: "I don't know how to paint. I wouldn't know where to begin".

Each of us can pick up a brush and dip it in a color. Each of us can put the brush with paint on the canvas. How does it feel to do so? As you continue to move the brush, you connect with your heart. The paintbrush is an extension of your arm that connects to your heart. You become aware of feelings that move through you. You learn to listen and with time realize that painting is more than painting a picture, but a way of expressing all of you. It is a process of learning to listen to your intuition. Technique and images evolve spontaneously - from the inside out.

We allow movement to flow through us. This is creativity.

And if you want to explore further what may be keeping you from your creativity, I invite you to experience Family Constellations (below).


Eve-Marie Elkin, LCAT & LMSW



Please join me for . . .



Sunday, Feb. 9 
2-5:30pm, $70

Beginning Monday, Feb.10 for 6 weeks (no class 2/17 and 3/17)
1:30 - 4PM at Wainwright House.
A few spaces left!
Feb. 1-2 in Tarrytown, NY Sat: 10-5, Sun: 10-4, $175-

March 2014:
Instead of a weekend workshop I will be offering two one-day workshops on two consecutive Saturdays: March 1 & March 8.
10-5pm which includes 1 hr. for lunch (lunch not provided). Payment by 2/22@ $150 for both days. After that $100- per day.  



Please call Eve-Marie at 914.844.6213 to reserve your space or for more information.


See Painting Inside Out and Family Constellation Workshops

Private Sessions also available by appointment.

Final thought: painting is a way to connect to my heart and be touched!