Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last night, the DC State Board of Education (SBOE) passed a resolution calling for revisions to the DC STAR Framework, a tool used by OSSE to measure school quality at all DC public and public charter schools. Before the vote, I believed that SBOE members renewed focus on advancing educational equity would result in a unanimous vote in favor of the resolution. Instead the vote came down 5-4 in favor, too close for DC families. 

Ward 2 and Ward 6 SBOE Representatives Jack Jacobson and Jessica Sutter, respectively, joined Trumpist At-Large Representative Ashley MacLeay in putting politics above our kids. Reps. Jacobson, Sutter, and MacLeay joined in a vitriolic, divisive, and petty broadside against their colleagues. But what concerned me most was Reps. Jacobson's and Sutter’s outright dismissal of the voices of parents, students, and teachers – including their own colleague, Student Representative Alex O’Sullivan – who made clear how counterproductive the current STAR Framework has been in building strong schools. 

I believe in accountability and we should make it crystal clear how our schools are serving students, but STAR does not do this. What we have today is an extremely biased measurement of school quality that penalizes schools that serve high numbers of at-risk students, a population that is overwhelmingly Black and Brown. So let’s be clear about what 4 members did when they voted against SR 20-11: they voted to maintain a racist school rating system.

Our families deserve better than a razor-thin margin in favor of anti-racist policies. My opponent has the support of Jack Jacobson and Jessica Sutter, and if he’s successful on Election Day they’ll have another vote to push their corrosive, corporate-backed agenda onto DC’s families. We cannot allow that.

I’m running to tear down the racist policies that harm our Black and Brown students, and to ensure families have a real seat at the table in deciding how our public school system
should work. 

I hope you’ll join me in this fight for our students.
Mysiki Valentine

Vote Mysiki Valentine for State Board of Education, At-Large

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