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June, 2016

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Coffee-Break Webinars

Free Coffee-Break Webinar

Identifying the most common sources of Web negativity faced by local governments, how to deal with them and what's in a good social media policy.
  • June 14, 2016
  • 11:00 AM, MST
  • 20 minute coffee-break
Register to access this free webinar.  Afterwards, we'll send you a link to the recording so you can watch it any time.


More than 9 in 10 local government employees plan to continue working for their current organization a year from now.

A. True

B.  False

Find out the answer in next month's issue!

And the answer to last month's quiz:

Which of these is one of the top two reasons residents at any age would recommend their community to others as a place to live?

A.  K-12 Education

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Often the cover of a book gives away clues to the style of the story, the investment in the work and the willingness of people to lend their reputations to support the book. In the same way, a community's appearance may reveal its investments, connections, safety, planning and pride...


U.S. Census data shows that Millennials have superseded Baby Boomers as the largest generation by population, and local government experts have seen this shift play out in city management...

Businesses and local governments alike can use it to spread their brand and reach larger audiences.  But in many ways, the Web is still a wild west - rife with trolls, cyber-security dangers and rampant rumors...