November 17, 2018

Munching on Grapes
The Baby Marmoset arrived at Jungle Friends on October 24 after quite a rocky journey, she came to us unnamed,  she needs a name to reflect her perseverance!  

Please read her story below and  help us name her...

Baby Marmoset was purchased as a "pet" when she was only a few weeks old. Taken from her mother who would have been nursing her, her father who would have carried her and her twin who she would never see again.

Her guardians quickly realized that she wouldn't make a good "pet" and needed to be with other monkeys. They tried to turn her over to a zoo in Indiana. 

While the zoo couldn't accept her, they did reach out to Peaceable Primates, a nearby macaque and baboon sanctuary. The Founder Scott Kubisch contacted Kari, knowing that Jungle Friends would be the perfect place for this tiny baby, who was still on a bottle!

April Truitt, Founder of the Primate Rescue Center, was kind enough to pick up the baby from Peaceable Primates and take great care of her until she was able to fly to her forever home at Jungle Friends!

The plane ride to Gainesville was a smooth and easy ride thanks to Les Nicholas and Blake Garrison! They also made sure to put a blanket over her cage so she wouldn't be frightened during the transport. Thank you Les and Blake for coming through again, you are our heroes!

For such a tiny baby, this girl has a huge personality! 

She is an incredibly feisty and independent little monkey. While she does take formula from a bottle or syringe, she is already eating solid food on her own.

Peekaboo, I see you!
She likes playing hide and seek with her marmoset neighbors, sneaking behind a bed and slowly poking her head out until she's been spotted and then rushing back to her hiding place. 

Jungle Friends' new resident is an incredible example of how sanctuaries work together for the good of the animals!
Want to Name the Baby?
Sponsor her at the varying levels 
to put your names in the drawing!
    $10 a month - 2 name entries
    $25 a month - 5 name entries
      $50 a month - 10 name entries
      $100 a month- 15 name entries

Contest ends on December 31st!
We will draw the name of the monkey at random,  LIVE from Curia On the Drag

I'm so glad Baby Marmoset has joined our monkey family, and I look forward to hearing what name you choose!

Lindsey Jean, 
Mayor of 
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 

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