The current COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a host of uncertainties in nearly every aspect of personal and public life across the state. The St. Ambrose Legal Services team is here to work with you to achieve clarity and confidence in challenging times.
Here are some of the questions our Legal Services team i s addressing now:
I cannot afford to make my rent payment this month. What should I do?
Evictions are currently suspended, but you are still obligated to make rent payments. Contact your landlord and explain what is going on. They may offer to work with you on a payment plan or suspend your obligation to pay rent for a period of time. Your landlord CANNOT legally evict you without utilizing the services of your local Sheriff’s office once evictions resume.
I recently lost my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What resources are available to me?
You may file for Unemployment Insurance benefits through the Maryland Department of Budget and Management. You can do so online at or via telephone at 1-877-293-4125 or 410-853-1600.
I have not paid my property tax. Can my property still go to tax sale?
Yes. The 2020 Baltimore City has been delayed, but may still occur this year. The 2020 Baltimore County tax sale is scheduled to take place in early May. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOME IMMEDIATELY AFTER IT IS SOLD AT TAX SALE . Even after a property is sold at a tax sale, the owner has a right to pay what is owed (possibly along with fees) until at least six months after the tax sale.
What should I do if I cannot afford to pay my utilities?
BGE has suspended all service disconnections and late payment fees until at least May 1 and will be working with customers to establish payment arrangements and identify energy assistance options. For further information, contact BGE at 800-685-0123. Both Baltimore City and Baltimore County have suspended water shutoffs for failure to pay.
Do you have questions like these? Are you concerned about foreclosure, eviction, or estate planning? We are here to help!
If you need to contact an attorney, please email us or leave a voicemail at 410-366-8550 x209 and we will respond by the next business day. Read our full Q+A here .
Though our staff is working remotely we remain committed to assisting Marylanders in need of legal answers or assistance as best we can.
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