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March 2019
Eileen's Lesson:
When my son was in pre-school, like any other 3-4 year old child, he discovered "potty words" and he quite enjoyed using them.

One day, we received a call from his pre-school teacher letting us know that he was going into the potty quite often, yelling a few choice toilet related words and then walking out. Let’s just say our next conversation with our son was a bit more detailed on the use of potty words.

As a manager, have you ever given an employee an instruction you thought was understood to only discover that the employee interpreted your “simple” instructions a bit differently?  I thought so. 

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Eileen M. Levitt Appointed to MD Commission on Civil Rights

“I am deeply honored to be appointed to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights,” said Ms. Levitt. “I look forward to working to improve the lives of our citizens by advancing civil rights and helping to put an end to discrimination.”

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Get Started on the Right Foot

Every HR manager/office manager dreads this scenario: someone shows up in your office and says, "Hi, I'm John Doe and I was told to report to you for my first day." So you quickly scramble to figure out if John Doe really is a new employee or not.

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Ten Leadership Techniques that Create High Performance

High performance teams don’t form themselves and they don’t happen overnight. If you’ve ever had the good fortune of being part of a high performing team, you know what a remarkable experience it is.

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Industry News You Can Use
Individualized Assessments

Did you know approximately one in four Americans has a criminal background of some kind? Given this reality, it is certain that you will come across applicants whose criminal records you'll have to consider.

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Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Overtime Update - Wage...

US Department of Labor: The Wage and Hour mission is to promote and achieve compliance with labor standards to protect and enhance the welfare of the Nation's workforce.

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Is it the weekend yet? I'd like to go to the park!

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