“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”
– Melody Beattie, author
At e2, we not only have written a chapter (more on that below), but we have new resources we are excited to share this year! Throughout 2022 we plan to focus on three themes:

1. Transformative Change and Entrepreneurship
We are releasing our remarkable story collection on Ord, located in rural, north central Nebraska. The Ord story spans 50 years from the 1970s to present and captures the transformation this community and its region achieved through entrepreneur-led community economic development. In addition to our newest podcast episode, "Transformative Economics," we are beta testing an online learning platform around this work!

2.  Likely Entrepreneurial Development Opportunity Strategy Guides
Last year we identified 10 entrepreneurial development opportunities that most rural communities can use to diversify their economies. Now we have a guide for each of these opportunities, plus one on regional development, which are filled with tips and tactics for implementation. MORE INFO

3.  e2’s latest field work in thriving rural communities:
  • Growing Rural Oregon (GRO) Info
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Nebraska (E3) Info
  • Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV) in Minnesota Info
  • E-Communities – NetWork Kansas Info

Throughout the year we will keep you updated on this work, so you too can become a prosperous community. Be sure to subscribe to our Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast and check out our website as we embark on another exciting year!
Other e2 News
New book by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Investing in Rural Prosperity proposes a framework for advancing shared economic prosperity in U.S. rural communities. Don Macke and Steve Radley, NetWork Kansas title, penned Chapter 21 - Entrepreneurial Ecosystem-Building in Rural America which describes two case studies of successful efforts to create supportive environments for entrepreneurs within a specific state/community. The book is broken down into four sections and is freely available to the public electronically and in hard copy format. MORE INFO.
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building in Action. Klamath Falls is located in south central, rural Oregon. Klamath County is home to Crater Lake National Park and is also an innovator in rural entrepreneurship. This month we feature a Pathways to Rural Prosperity podcast episode with Kat Rutledge, Director, Klamath IDEA. Our associated paper captures the Klamath IDEA story, which is a model for entrepreneurial ecosystem building in rural communities.
NetWork Kansas Announces Reorganization and Promotions. Erik Pedersen has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of NetWork Kansas, Imagene Harris has been named Vice President of Impact Investment Services, and Kristi Pedersen has been named Vice President of Finance. The Board of Directors also approved the restructuring into three organizational units: NetWork Kansas, e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (e2), and Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures (EGV). Mr. Pedersen will head up NetWork Kansas with Imagene Harris overseeing statewide impact investment programs and services. Senior Vice President Don Macke will oversee e2, and Senior Vice President Trish Brasted will oversee EGV. Steve Radley will retain his role as Chief Executive Officer overseeing the three organizational units. More Info. 
Field News
A community's best bet is small business support. Don Macke indicates in a report, "Where Our Jobs Come From" that over the next generation, between a third and a half of all workers will be self-employed or part of this new gig economy. This article explores the implications for rural community growth.

SourceLink welcomes new affiliate - SourceLink Nebraska. Nebraska now has a statewide platform for Nebraska entrepreneurs and business owners looking for support and guidance on starting and growing their businesses. Listen to Don Macke describe the journey bringing this effort to fruition.

Rural Development and Rural Health Practices: Trends and Opportunities for Alignment. This report reviews the intersection of rural economic development and healthy communities, and how these systems can work together to create further positive change in rural communities.

Are Latinos the Future of State and Local Economic Growth? This article shares data from the 2021 Latino GDP Report showing that Latinos comprise a large portion of the US GDP, and growth in this population segment has potential to contribute economically in communities across the country.

New reality show shines light on rural entrepreneurship in Martinsville. A new web reality TV series, Hometown Hustle, features rural entrepreneurs in Martinsville, Virginia, and how their experience differs from urban entrepreneurs.