November 18, 2017 - Issue 17-47


Good Afternoon.

This has  been an intense week for me. As I mentioned last week, we've had many visiting owners here this week, and lots of social activities. The week culminated in what promised to be a difficult and contentious annual meeting of the HOA. It turned out less so, and with good results. Still, lots of preparation for it.

In addition, we received resignations of 60% of our HOA Board, leaving me as acting President three days before the meeting. In that meeting, after much massaging of numbers, we succeeded in reducing the monthly dues for the first time in the 10-year history of the project. With that, we expect to increase the level of cooperation of absentee owners, many of whom were behind in paying dues and otherwise lacking in cooperation. What doesn't change in this business? Owners want lower dues! Give people what they want - get more back!

My purpose in relating all this is to lead into the topic of this week's investigation of what makes businesses successful. The model we'll view to study this is Jeff Bezos and Amazon, the company he founded and leads. Jeff Haden examines Bezos' focus on the things that stay the same, in a rapidly-changing business. It's an interesting concept.

Please read on and check it out!

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What Doesn't Change in On-Line Retail?

In the world of on-line retail, change is always happening. I'm no expert in this business, but it's easy to imagine that it's one in which innovation is daily fare. Here, Jeff Haden describes how Amazon has succeeded by searching for and focusing on the aspects of the business that are constant. Customers always want lower prices, they always want faster delivery, and they always want more accurate tracking of their shipment.

So, while all these things are unchanging, they may require - in fact they nearly always require - innovative solutions. Delivery by drones? Let's consider it. Free fast shipping for regular customers? Sure. Still, the constant underlying mandate is what they're always addressing with their innovative solutions.

Many things are constantly changing in most businesses. T his is a unique way of making sure the changes you make are addressing the things that are constant , and most important, in your business.

In this article, there are many other nuggets of wisdom, all important in business success:
  • Collect knowledge. Collect knowledgeable people - this is even better!
  • Give before receiving (that's what we did yesterday with reducing dues). There is no option here - the other way doesn't work!
  • Focus on the message, not the messenger
  • Pay attention to what's next.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Be ready to be shown wrong - every time you're wrong, you learn something!
  • Act!
In employing all these strategies, apply them continually to what doesn't change in your business. Great advice from one of the most successful businessmen around today!

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Call Unity Copywriting today and learn how I can eliminate this distraction for you, and keep you in touch with your important sources of business. Let me help you with a regular e-newsletter (similar to the one you're reading - these are my specialty) or other pieces to help you build and nurture relationships with your prospects and clients. I'll go to great lengths (not necessary the length of the message, unless you want it that way!) to describe how you serve your clients, and how prospective clients can benefit from working with you

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Office and cell phone: 814-590-3854 or 603-835-3215 
In Argentina: +54(country code) 9 3868 459586
Skype:  johnbstevens1943

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