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January/February/March 2017
Spring Has Sprung
In Guatemala
Seniors Help With Our New Garden

Every Wednesday at our Senior Center in Gualan, we are excited to hold a lunch and a time for crafts for the Seniors enrolled in our Sponsorship Program . In March, our Seniors jumped right in and started painting rocks which will be used as a border in our new garden. They are also going to help with the maintaining of the garden. These fruits and vegetables will benefit our Nutrition Center, Reese House as well as our Senior Center.

A big thank you to our amazing Seniors!

If interested in sponsoring a Senior, visit our website
Guatemala Trips:

January 3-11
Construction projects, built soccer goals, children's activities, installed water filter systems

January 6-15
Physical Therapy Clinics 
January 27-February 5
OB/Gyn Surgery, General Medical Clinics, Firefighter Training, Construction Projects, Cervical Cancer Screenings

February 24-March 4
Physical Therapy Clinics

March 3-12
Dental Clinics and Construction Projects

March 5-12
Physical Therapy Clinics

March 10-19
Cleft Lip/Palate Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dental Clinics, Medical Clinics, Iron Testing, Speech & Hearing Clinics, Physical Therapy Clinics, Construction Projects

March 17-26
Physical Therapy Clinics, Speech and Hearing Clinics, Orthotic and Prosthetic Counsultation

by Jenna Larson
(Trip Volunteer)

Jenna Larson, a student at University of Missouri, went down to Guatemala with her sorority, PiPhi, January 3-11. The following is a segment of her experience during that trip. Please click below for her complete story. Her personal reflection of what her time with HIM meant to her is compelling and definitely worth reading. Thank you Jenna for sharing this with us.

"For a week over Christmas break, I was given the opportunity to travel with my sorority to serve the beautiful people of Guatemala. It's been awhile, but I still am struggling with finding the perfect words to explain just how crazy cool the experience as a whole was. In a way, I felt as if I was living in a blur the entire time. Getting to peek into someone else's "normal" day was humbling. We saw things that really makes us take a double take on our priorities, and how we go about any typical day. It truly is a cultural shock. There are so many glimpses of my every day life that I don't even think twice about. Clean water to brush our teeth with, shoes that we can walk to class with, a mattress to sleep on? We have grown up with all of that, we don't second guess whether or not we'll be able to drink the water of if our torn-up, dirty shoes can make it just one more day of wear before you just can't wear them anymore. All of these parts of our life? They're just things to us, and that's really it. Things. When I think about Guatemala, my biggest lesson I learned was the meaning of happiness. When we think about what makes us smile, what does our mind automatically go to? For me personally, it tends to revolve heavily around what grade I get on a test, what plans I have with my friends that night, how much I had slept the night before (yes, it matters), or how productive I was throughout the day. Typical for any college student, right? That right there is the issue. Why should I be seeking happiness in places where that feeling of this so-called "happiness" leaves as quickly as it comes? What I learned from those I met in Guatemala, whether they were 6 years old or 60, is that their sources of joy are not tangible. They're not percents, they're not worth a penny, they're not a fun night out. Their positivity is rooted in passion. The passion for their family, their community, and most importantly . . . their God. Where you spend your time seeking happiness reflects how you approach situations you face, and that was so prevalent meeting these people of Guatemala. As the Guatemalans are living in the toughest of conditions, they have a smile and a hope and a love that is something like I have never seen. It is pure. It is abundant. It is everlasting. And seeking those things was just even more of a reminder of how important it is for me to focus on where I seek joy."

by Diana Thompson
(Trip Volunteer)

The Daily Herald Newspaper in Naperville, IL wrote the following article about Diana Thompson and her trip to Guatemala. Below is an exert from their article.

"When Crone Middle School in Naperville gets behind a cause - even an international one - good things can happen. That's the lesson Indian Prairie District 204 substitute teacher Diana Thompson says she learns every time she works at Crone. Stepping into the school where she's subbed for 10 years, she's reminded of just how far the students and teachers will go to open their hearts and bring joy to others.

The joy she's talking about came most recently in the form of socks, shoes, hats, school supplies and children's stories in Spanish - all things she recently delivered to poor residents of a town in Guatemala, and all things she got from the generosity of those at Crone. "You opened up your hearts to help the people that I see when I go on my trip," Thompson told a class of eighth-graders who wrote and donated books in Spanish."

by Jack Scheleski
6th Grade Student 
Crone Middle School, Naperville, IL

I am a boy who is sad over dirty water
I wonder what could happen if everyone had dirty water
I hear people coughing in the distance
I see the adults drinking the dirty water
I want to have a clean environment
I am a boy who is sad over dirty water

I pretend that every living soul is healthy
I feel like we need to protect everyone
I touch the people that slowly get ill
I worry what happens if no one has clean water
I cry for everyone that slowly gets sick
I am a boy who is sad over dirty water

I understand that we could fix the world that has dirty water
I say everyone should have clean water
I dream of no one getting sick from dirty water
I try to help the world be healthy
I hope that other will help the world be healthy


Sandra Lechuga Corrales sees herself in the picture of her sponsorship child . . . 

"seeing her face brought tears to my eyes. I was once a child like her, who was fed by the generosity of those who had more than we did. I was blessed to have people who were interested in my welfare. I am more than happy to pay it forward!"

Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your story with us. If you would like to be a part of our sponsorship program helping either a child or Senior, visit our website at and get started today!


It's ready! The much anticipated pila is completed and was handed over to the community of Pueblo Modelo in March. The pila is a place for the community to wash their clothes without using their own personal drinking water. Thank you to all who helped to make this happen for those in Pueblo Modelo.


We are in need of bicycles for the children in our Reese House in Guatemala. If you can help us meet this need, they can be shipped to our main headquarters at: 1834 45th St., Munster, IN 46321. If purchasing from Amazon, don't forget to use Amazon Smile and choose Hearts In Motion as your charity. Not only will your purchase help the children but a monetary portion of your purchase amount will be donated to Hearts In Motion from Amazon Smile.

Hearts In Motion is excited to be partnering with the United Way on the ALICE Project. ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This group represents the growing number of individuals and families who are working but are unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, child care, health care and transportation. Hearts In Motion, along with our Resale Shoppes which are located in Munster & Schererville, IN, are working with the United Way to develop areas where we can assist those in need within our local communities.

Coats, Hats, Gloves, Blankets Given To Help Homeless In Chicago

We were so excited to be able to help the Lost and Found Ministry located in South Holland, IL. This group came to us the early part of this year asking for donations to help the homeless in Chicago. Robert, the founder of Lost and Found, told us a story of how after two hours of working with the homeless, he couldn't feel his feet even while he was wrapped in blankets. He proceeded to tell us that many of those he was serving had no blankets at all and were wrapped only in black garbage bags. After listening to his compelling story, we were more than happy to load up his van with coats, hats, gloves and blankets to be distributed to those in need. A big thank you to Robert and those who work along side of him ministering to the homeless in Chicago.

On Friday, September 15, H.I.M. along with Our Savior's Lutheran Church will holding our Annual Golf and Dinner Fundraiser. You don't want to miss this event, from the golf to the amazing  'golf' stories shared during dinner. This always proves to be a great day where special friendships are formed and memories made. More information will be coming soon.

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