December 2018

Happy Holidays from ROAR!

December is 
National Cat Lovers Month

According to the ASCPA, approximately 3.2 million cats enter U.S. animal shelters every year. Of these, about 1.6 million cats are adopted and only about 90,000 cats who enter shelters as strays are returned to their owners. This means there are a lot of cats and kittens who are waiting to find loving families and their forever homes.
Here at ROAR, we have a wide variety of cats and kittens who are available for adoption. They come in all different sizes, ages, colors and mixes too. In addition, they all have unique appearances and different personalities. Some are lap cats while others want to play, play, play. We also have cats and kittens who love being the life of the party while others are more laid back.
There are many benefits of having a cat. Owning a cat brings comfort, constancy, pleasure, laughter and a sense of wonder. Cats also make us feel loved, needed, safe and trusted. They are also good medicine. Petting and brushing a cat can help lessen the pain of arthritis, and it takes less than 10 minutes with your cat to feel less anxious or stressed. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Minnesota found that cat owners were 40 percent less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than people who didn't have a cat.
If you love cats, you're also in good company. Many noteworthy people through the ages have loved cats, including pop star Taylor Swift, actors Morgan Freeman and George Clooney, actress Audrey Hepburn and the famous singer Freddy Mercury.
To help celebrate National Cat Lovers Month, please consider the following:  

  1. Open Your Home to a Feline Friend -- If you are ready to welcome a new addition to your family, please consider adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue organization. There are many cats and kittens waiting for a family to take them home and love them.
  2. Support Your Local Shelter - Volunteer your time at a local shelter to make a difference in the lives of adoptive cats. You can also donate supplies, which shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of. ROAR's wish list can be found here.
  3.  Spread the Message -- You can also chronicle your efforts to help adoptive cats by posting information on social media.
If you already have a cat at home, be sure to show him or her some extra love and affection this month.  
In This Issue
Please Help ROAR  Restock Our Pet Pantry

During this season of holiday giving, please consider donating to ROAR to help us restock our Pet Food Pantry for our adoptive cats and dogs. 

We accept opened and unopened bags of dry dog and cat food.

Canned dog and cat food must be unopened and not exceeding its expiration date.

Please note that the opened bags of food are donated to Wildlife in Crisis.

Thank You!!!


Pet Profiles!
  Come Meet  ANDY   and SAMPSON
These adorable, loving boys are still available

Andy is a young, very sweet, large black cat who was found with ROAR cat Tony on our doorstep in a sealed brown box with holes for air.

While Tony was recently adopted, Andy is still looking for his forever home with a family who will love and cherish him.

Andy is two years old and loves to play.  One of his favorite activities is chasing lasers. You can watch him in action here on ROAR's Facebook page

Andy gets along with most of the other cats in ROAR's shelter but it depends on personality. He is house trained, neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations.

***Please remember to keep your cats indoors, especially during this time of year, as predators are active preparing for the harsh weather ahead.***

A staff and volunteer favorite, Sampson is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix who was surrendered locally because his family was moving. This happy-go-lucky, beautiful and playful boy has been waiting very patiently at our shelter for a new forever home. He will make a wonderful, loving companion for the lucky family who adopts him.
Approximately 18 months old, Sampson is still technically a "teenager." Therefore, he needs a fun, active family who will take him on adventures. He is always ready to chase down whatever toy you're about to throw, whether it's a frisbee, ball or rope. Sampson also loves to go on walks, play with other dogs, and cuddle. He'll go right onto your lap if you sit on the ground, and he loves belly and neck rubs.
Sampson will sit, lay down and spin. He needs some training but is a smart boy. You can watch Sampson doing agility with our trainer on ROAR's Facebook page.
He is up-to-date on vaccinations and is neutered.

To help rescue more amazing animals like Andy and Sampson, please...
Happy Tails!
Ocean & Mr. Chips

We are so happy to have received some responses from our cat adopters. Thank you for sharing your cat tales with us! This one goes back 10 years! As we cat people know, cats can be finicky pets sometimes. Some don't adapt well to change and can be thrown off by a relocation. Not these two! They seem to go with the flow as long as they are with their loving family. Read more about their journey below. Many thanks to the 'B Family' for making Ocean & Mr. Chips a part of their family, and thanks to our friends at Blue Buffalo, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, Canine Company, Adam Broderick Salon & Spa, and Fairfield County Bank for making happy tails like this one possible.
"Good Morning! I have meant to write forever, and saw your post on Facebook, so here's our little story... THANK YOU!! We were lucky enough to adopt these two in August 2008. We were moving back to the U.S. and my eldest (nearly seven at the time) was none too happy about it. And in a delightful example of excellent parenting, the bargaining chip became...adopting a cat, in fact two, preferably, and I came to you and met Ocean and Mr. Chips. It was love at first sight, well at least for me, but they've never told me otherwise.
Having never had a cat, I had no idea what to expect, but they were and still are, perfect. They bonded quickly with our dogs, who have since passed away, and very quickly became part of our family. They moved to Florida and back to Connecticut with us, taking every move in stride. They have been a complete and utter joy to us!
We're not really sure how old they are, they're not telling us, but a we've had them ten years, the guess is somewhere between 13-17 years old. They still act like kittens! They are completely inseparable, rarely is one without the other.
There is not a day that goes by that these two don't make us smile, thank you so much for letting us be their lucky adopters!!
Most sincerely,
A, J, H and C"
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