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March 2017
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RI Home Show:
March 30th - April 2, 2017 - Booth 909
Showcasing the 
NEW Inclinator Demo Elevator Cab 

Safety Alert.
Door Baffles are No Baffle.
It is important that you understand the importance of this safety alert and the reasoning behind door baffles, and why door baffles are a necessary safety precaution in all homes with existing elevators.  There is an ever-increasing number of entrapped children who have either been terribly harmed or worse due to the effects of the gap left between hoistway doors and door jams.  This child entrapment threshold issue has become the number one issue facing elevator manufacturers.  The new 2016 ASME 17.1 code changes addresses these entrapment issues on all new elevator models.  Our concerns lie with those that have elevators already installed in their homes. 
We did some investigating ourselves and located a manufacturer that has created a product that protects your family members from imminent danger and harm by entrapment.  This device is readily available and easily installed.  The door baffle shown below attaches to the swing door at each elevator landing, accommodates all solid 32" - 36" door widths and is intended to reduce the dangers associated with the gap between the swing door and elevator cab.  These devices are light weight, do not impede access in or out of the elevator and are paintable.
For more information or to place an order please call our office today.

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With the Spring season forthcoming arises a renewed compulsion to rejuvenate our homes and gardens.  The Rhode Island Builders Association's 67th Annual Home Garden & Flower show provides building industry leaders and homeowners alike the chance to do that while discovering the latest convenient and innovative products from more than 300 vendors under one room. The RIBA Home Show runs March 30th thru April 2nd at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence.  For more information about the show visit www.ribahomeshow.com. 
In our fourth year of exhibiting, Home Healthsmith will feature a variety of accessibility products including the new working demo residential elevator.  The demo elevator will be the centerpiece in our largest booth yet!  The Exhibit space is designed for the consumer to get an overview of the diverse products offered, from flatware to ramps, and with hands-on demonstration opportunities for many of the products. 
Visit the Stage for seminars given by experts on various subjects throughout the entire show.  Listen to Home Healthsmith owners, Bill and Linda Bohmbach, who are scheduled to present on Elevator technology, Aging in Place and Convenience of Products.   General information about the installation and customization of residential elevators will guide homeowners in planning for the future during Bill's presentation.  With Linda, you'll also learn about the benefits of ergonomic products designed to assist in daily routines.  
To exhibit at the RIBA Home Show is an opportunity to show our clients, industry leaders and the general public why Home Healthsmith is excited about being the SBA's 2016 Fastest Growing Small Business in Rhode Island and Nationally and Inclinator Company of America's Fastest Growing and Volume Dealer in New England.  "The more society depends on technology for convenience, the more important these Home Shows and face-to-face relations became for our company.  We take great pride in presenting our products and meeting interested consumers each year at the Home Show.", Bill Bohmbach, Home Healthsmith owner.  
Home Healthsmith invites all building industry leaders to visit our booth, #909 during the RIBA Contractor's Night on March 30th from 5pm to 9pm.  Bill and Linda, and their staff, look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.   Give Home Healthsmith a chance to introduce themselves, develop a partnership, and earn your business, if they haven't already.  Meet the staff, learn about offered products and services while enjoying a cocktail on us!

Project of the Month
 Hydraulic Elevator - Modernization
Modernizing the Classics...
Cab (Before)
Southern New England is rich in history with man y architectural masterpieces from the gilded-age an d modernized revivals from the 60s and 70s.  Many of these homes contain elevators or dumbwaiters, modern conveniences for their residents and staff of those eras.  Back in the day a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Cab (After)
Today with the increasing popularity of aging in pl ace the residential elevator is getting a boost.  With recent affordable innovations in technology home elevators are becoming a desirable amenity again.  Elevators are being drawn into the blueprints for new home construction or installed during a remodel project.  They are the new must have appliance!

Long-standing architectural masterpieces that have a forgotten dilapidated elevator hidden behind a door can be 
invigorated at any time.  Our client purchased a brownstone with a nearly 30-year old intermittent-working elevator.   This new home owner contacted  Home Healthsmith looking to have his five-story elevator serviced, making it a safe and reliab le feature in his home.

Machine Room
Not u nlike a classic 70s muscle car, this elevato r h a become worn  out.  Initially, with  Bill Boh mbach,  Home Healthsmith  owner's knowledge of and experience with old technol ogy, HHS was able to replace the worn parts in t his classi c elevator returning it to prop er working order.  However, other aging  parts caused minor continuous problems rendering the
Machine Room
levator troublesome and not reliable.  After further review an elevator modernization was considered. Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading the  critical parts of the eleva tor in order for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improved safety, and even give the aesthetics an up-to-date appeal.

So instead of tearing out the full system and sending it to the junk yard,  Home Healthsmith with the help of The Inclinator Elevator Company of America, determined  what equipment could be reused, what components needed to be rebuilt and what new parts were needed all together.  During this process, the elevator is made more energy efficient, safer and code compliant.  The end result,  Home Healthsmith  modernized this classic creating a safe and reliable elevator in our client's remodeled dream home.

Hoistway (Before)
"When I bought my brownstone co ndo, I became the owner of an  old elevator for the first time.  I had a difficult time finding the ri ght elevator company to work and really didn't know wha t questions to even ask.  Everyone seemed to  w ant to rip out and replace my system with a new system, which would have required extensive reconstruction of the  elevator shaft in additio n to the cost of a new  elevator  sys tem. 
Hoistway (After)

knew  H HS was the right company withi
n 5 minutes of meeting Bill, as there is nothing like a true expert with years of experie nce to diagnose the situation and c ustomize the right solution.  The interesting thing about Bill was that, along with his expertise, he also had the passion and ent husi asm to get it EXACTLY right.  What really blew my mind, however, was the quality and service level of the entire team at HHS.  They are all true professionals, made appointments and ongoing reminders easily, came when they said they would come, finished well before the due date, and were all highly responsive to everything I asked of them  (some of which they had never been asked before).  Now I have what looks and works like a new elevator system.  They also made the elevator quieter and faster at the same time!
I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that HHS is available on an ongoing basis whenever I need them in the future.  They have me in their scheduling system for regular service and I w as so comfortable with them, I gave them keys to come service without me being home (they keep the keys in a lock box) ."
Code Considerations
Iconic Scissor Gate 
No Longer Available.
2016 ASME 17.1 code changes were published on November 20,2016 and go into effect on May 20, 2017.  Though several changes have been made, one in particular effects the industry significantly a nd that is related to elevator gates and entrance doors.  Common non-code compliant collapsible (scissor) gate and accordion gates that do not meet the new code requirements have been discontinue d.  This code change requires gates to deflect no more than ¾" with 75 lbs. of force to a 4"x4" or to a 4" diameter sphere.  Also, the 3" - 5" rule for distance from the hoistway door to the sill and to the car gat e, has been reduced to ¾" - 4", respectively.  (Reference 2016 ASME 17.1 sections,, and This means that builders mu st install hoistway doors that are a maximum of ¾" from the sill and a maximum of 4" from the car gate.  2016 Code Letter

What does this mean?  If Home Healthsmith provided you an estimate on a project within the last twelve (12) months, we need to provide you with a new estimate and project specs.

Questions to Ask?
What happens when there is a power failure?
In the event, you are stuck in an elevator during a power outage, stay calm and don't panic.  All home elevators come with a battery backup system that provides emergency lowering in the event of a power failure.  You will  not be left in the dark as emergency lightening will remain on as long as backup battery has been properly serviced.  Most elevators have phones that allow you to call for help.  During new installation "turnovers" homeowners will be instructed on what to do during a power outage.  Elevator automatically returns to normal operation once power is back on.   
Annual inspections and having your elevator properly serviced once a year by a Home Healthsmith Elevator technician or other certified elevator technician assures that your backup system is in working order.

Look for more questions in future issues or click here.
Our Partners 
Home Healthsmith partners with the best in the business to deliver the premier product...

Inclinat or Company of America - www.inclinator.com .  As in any industry, the longevity of the company is a barometer for customer service, product quality and commitment.  Inclinator has been in the business under the same family ownership since 1923 and is based in Harrisburg, PA.  

"Home Healthsmith is one of our most valuable dealer-partners in the Northeast" says Bill Stratton, President & CEO of Inclinator Company of America.

RAM Manufacturing - www.trustram.com. Ram Manufacturing was founded over 25 years ago with the goal of providing innovative products to help people with their mobility needs.  They continue to work on these products and provide excellent customer service to us and our clients. 

Graham Kawulka, Partner - Ram Elevators & Lifts says, "We are proud to work with Home Healthsmith as they represent our elevator and lift products in the region.  Bill and Linda have a dedication to customer satisfaction with a great team behind them."

Canton Elevator -
www.cantonelevator.com  The experienced staff at Canton Elevator blends unique specializations in applied engineering, manufacturing, field installation, modernization and preventative maintenance.  Their experience ultimately benefits our customers in the form of expedited projects and money saved.

www.ezaccess.com EZ-ACCESS provides premier access solutions in commercial and home accessibility through the Pathway® 3G Modular Access System and the Passport® Vertical Platform Lift as well as a variety of portable mobility ramps, commercial ramps and mobility accessories.