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November 2016
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RI Home Show:
March 30th - April 2, 2017 - Booth 909
Showcasing the 
NEW Inclinator Demo Elevator Cab 

Eastern Connecticut's Premier Home Show:
March  4-5, 2017, Mystic Marriott 10-5 Sat & Sun 
Booth 220
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"Winner of the 2016 Rhode Island and New England Microenterprise Business of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration"

"Winner of the 2016 Portsmouth Business of the Year"  
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In this issue I want to mention how important partnerships are to us and we want to highlight one in particular.  We are pleased to introduce you to the Inclinator Company of America, a family owned business located in Harrisburg, PA that has been in business since 1923, which is quite an accomplishment.  What was just as impressive was our visit to their manufacturing plant last month.  We were shown all areas from the executive offices to the factory floor.  The entire operation is geared to the production of the finest residential elevators available and the pride exhibited by all the employees we met is evident.  These are truly handcrafted machines produced by talented people who in some cases have worked for Inclinator for decades.   As shown by the images below, we were impressed by the manufacturing processes that we observed.

Inclinator has also constructed a fully operational demonstration elevator that showcases the new UC601 machine room-less elevator which is pictured below.  Home Healthsmith has been installing these units for over a year now and the results have been spectacular with flawless performance.  We will have this display at our booth at the 2017 RIBA Home Show in Providence, RI and if you are contemplating the installation of a residential elevator this is a must see!  Inclinator plans to have a representative present at the show to answer any questions you might have.  

We'll have more on the Home Show later and hope to see you there...

Bill & Linda Bohmbach

Project of the Month

When we are approached by new clients, very often they are surprised to hear us say, "although it's an elevator, it's also another room i n your home." This state ment seems to put the project into a different light and opens the door to some real creativity. Pictured above is an elevator that not only has custom lighting, flooring and moldings, but also has a window that allows the homeowners to look out at their b eautiful ocean view as they go up and down.  We worked very closely with the architect, homeowner and builder to achieve an incredible level of custom finish that blends seamlessly into the home.  Please take a moment to read the very kind letter our clients forwarded to us.  It's stories like this that keep us looking for new opportunities.  Are you considering a custom elevator installation?  We can help you, all you have to do is use your imagination and let us make it happen!!
My wife and I contacted Bill after spending two years sleeping in the downstairs guest bedroom.  Martha had serious issues with her knee and simply could not handle the stairs to our bedroom on the second floor.  We live on the shoreline of Ninegret Pond in Charlestown, RI.  The views from our upstairs bedroom are spectacular!  Martha's knee injury took all of that away.

At first, installing an elevator seemed like a no-brainer until we started looking at what was involved and what all of the issues were.  It was daunting to say the least. Martha is a designer.  She has a "designer's eye".  Simply sticking an elevator somewhere in the house was not going to cut it.  Bill was on board from the beginning.  He understood the architectural design issues as well as the practical/technical issues.  He listened to all of our concerns and responded with solutions that only come from years of experience.  Bill was especially helpful in implementing our design for a window, installed on the inside of the elevator cab.  This would ultimately line up with exterior windows on both floors.  This is not your typical elevator!

The elevator has been operational now for several months and we love it!  It has brought our life back!  Bill has been diligent in his following up with all of the little details which are a part of a major installation.  We could not be happier or more pleased with our experience.  Bill, Linda and the staff at Home Healthsmith are all wonderful!

Thank you, Bill.

We would be more than happy to discuss our outstanding experience with Bill to anyone.

Best regards,
Mal and Martha
Code Considerations
The updates to the codes outlined in the ASME A.17.1-2016 is expected to be released sometime in early 2017.  We expect many code changes to be announced in this update.  Stay tuned for more details.
Questions to Ask?
Question - Do I have to have space for a machine room?

Answer - Residential elevators are typically available in two types:
those that require a machine room and those that don't.  Those that don't are referred to as machine room-less or MRL's.  There are pros and cons to each type.

For example, through an MRL elevator does not require a machine room, it does require additional space at the top of the hoist way to house the motor and gearbox mounted at the top of the rails.  This equipment would typically be stored in a separate machine room.  As your dealer, we can explain the pros and cons of each elevator type and help you to make the
best decision for your needs.

Look for more questions in future issues or click here.
Our Partners 
Home Healthsmith partners with the best in the business to deliver the premier product...

Inclinat or Company of America - www.inclinator.com .  As in any industry, the longevity of the company is a barometer for customer service, product quality and commitment.  Inclinator has been in the business under the same family ownership since 1923 and is based in Harrisburg, PA.  

"Home Healthsmith is one of our most valuable dealer-partners in the Northeast" says Bill Stratton, President & CEO of Inclinator Company of America.

RAM Manufacturing - www.trustram.com. Ram Manufacturing was founded over 25 years ago with the goal of providing innovative products to help people with their mobility needs.  They continue to work on these products and provide excellent customer service to us and our clients. 

Graham Kawulka, Partner - Ram Elevators & Lifts says, "We are proud to work with Home Healthsmith as they represent our elevator and lift products in the region.  Bill and Linda have a dedication to customer satisfaction with a great team behind them."

Canton Elevator -
www.cantonelevator.com  The experienced staff at Canton Elevator blends unique specializations in applied engineering, manufacturing, field installation, modernization and preventative maintenance.  Their experience ultimately benefits our customers in the form of expedited projects and money saved.