Fresh AAA
Top Sirloin Medallions
$12.99 /lb $28.58kg
Regular Price $29.90/kg
Resting grilled meats on a cooling rack allows for air flow all around the meat, minimizing resting time and loss of juices
Organic Microgreens 75g

$3.99 /each
Regular Price $4.99/each
Locally grown, Certified Organic and carefully hand harvested; your salads are assured to be fresh!
Fresh Welsh Brothers
Ontario Sweet Corn
5 for $1.99
Produce of Ontario No.1
Welsh Brothers GMO Free corn is hand-picked, hand-graded and hydro-cooled daily to guarantee you get the freshest, sweetest corn, time and time again.
Fresh Local
Jumbo Cantaloupe
$2.49 /each
Produce of Ontario No.1
Beyond the mildly sweet, juicy taste of cantaloupe, they also contain  a range of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and electrolytes which have been shown to have multiple health benefits.
Grilled Vegetable Napoleons
 $2.89 /100 grams
Regular Price $29.90/kg...Save $1/kg

This delightful gem is not only versatile, but delicious as well! A grilled portobello mushroom cap layered with a medallion of goat cheese, topped with grilled eggplant, fire roasted sweet bell peppers, grilled zucchini and garnished with a rosemary skewered cherry tomato. 
 An excellent starter to your next dinner party, served with a small side salad and dressed with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Bulk up that salad and you have a wonderful Vegetarian Entrée. Our Napoleons pair perfectly with red meat. The earthy portobello mushroom and creamy savoury goat cheese are exquisite with a grilled steak. Pick-up these pretty little bundles at our Deli Service Case, they are sure to be the star of the show at your next meal.
Store Made Banana Bread
$6.99 /loaf
Regular Price $7.99/loaf
Scratch made in-house from the finest ingredients and a whole lotta Love!!!
Supper hefty and insanely moist!
available in: Banana or Banana Chocolate Chip
 The Best in Town!!!
Cousin's Sicilian
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml
$11.99 /each
Regular Price $12.99/each
Superior category Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, 100% Italian, unfiltered, cold extraction. Produced in Santa Ninfa Sicily (TP) Italy.
Cousin’s Custom Platters & Boards
Entertaining this summer? …Looking for a little WOW factor???

Cousin’s Custom Platters & Boards are second to none!!! Stop in today and speak to one of our catering coordinators to customize to your needs for your next occasion. Cheese Boards, Charcuterie, Antipasti, Fruit, Crudité and even Sweets or Pastries. The possibilities are endless, the results are truly spectacular!!!  
NEW! Cousin’s ... What's for Dinner?
Menu Suggestions, Recipe & Shopping List!

Cousin’s Lemon Perfumed Grilled Top Sirloin Medallions
served with Vegetable Napoleon Stacks and Baby Organic Mixed Greens Salad

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RECIPE on our website.
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August 10th - 15th

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