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What is beautiful about the TAO TE CHING is that even the symbol of the Tao tells a story...

Most human beings look at opposites through the lens of our preferences - we like the light but don't like the dark, we want to be strong but don't want the weak. We divide the seeming pairs of opposites into separate camps not realizing that they come in pairs - they are complementary, interdependent - and we need both aspects if we are to be successful in negotiating our way through life.

To respond to life we need both sides of nature, and both sides of our nature.  To listen to this Russian fairy tale about the union of yin & yang, click this golden link below... 

holds to his male side 
with his female side 
his bright side with his dull side his high side with his low side so he is able to hold
the whole world 

Take a moment - find 3 things about yourself you judge harshly.
Take 3 breaths and slowly welcome them into your heart.
All three of them.
For one week, consider welcoming home the parts of yourself that haven't been welcome before... 
Watch what happens in your heart.
Then watch what happens in your world.

Your willingness to welcome everything is your bridge to living agelessly.

shake up your story! 

The Tao Te Ching in Verse 2 reminds us that opposites "arrive together, are born together!" You can't have one without the other.
Opposites like yin & yang (in the Russian Fairy Tale) or dark and light, high and low, great and small coexist.
Artist Raghava KK demos his new children's book for iPad with a fun feature: when you shake it, the story - and your perspective - changes. 
It's time to shake up the stories we tell ourselves about how life should be so we can begin to see how beautiful and fluid and perfect life really is.

...the heart of a human being is no

different from the soul of heaven and

earth . in your practice always keep in

your thoughts the interaction of

heaven and earth, water and fire, 

yin  and yang. 

--morihei ueshiba

{drop the story 2 find the glory}

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