Fresh Seafood Update
November 18th, 2020
Featured Item!
Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws
Florida | Medium, Large, Jumbo, Colossal

Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws are in season! We have limited amount of these due in, so get your orders in early to secure product! We are taking pre-orders for larger sizes. These are already cooked, so you can serve chilled or warm them up. Ask your account rep for more info on availability and pricing!

Spotlight Items!
Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | 2-4. 5-8, & 8-15# fish

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish are rolling in and we are starting to see some bigger fish being landed. This week we'll have 2-4, 5-8, and 8-15# (limited on 8-15) fish in-house that we can cut to order or deliver to you whole.

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse Petite Country Ham
Virginia | 2-3# ham

Hand-rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and black pepper as well as aged 90+ days, the hickory-smoked Petite Country Ham provides excellent taste and is easy to serve. It's also fully cooked and needs no further cooking. 
Fresh Local Black Sea Bass
Virginia | Large fish
Fresh Local Black Sea Bass is at record low prices - these fish are going fast so order early! Check your price sheet for current pricing for whole fish or fillets.

Fresh Shucked Virginia
Virginia | 8o
Fresh Shucked Cap'n Sam's brand oysters in 8oz., pints, and gallons available daily! We can also pack quarts for you by special order. Chat with your account rep for more info!

Fresh Speckled Trout
VA & NC | 2-4# fish

Another great local fish option, and prices are outstanding. Quality on these fish is great and are rolling in fresh almost daily.
Chincoteague Wild Salts
Chincoteague, VA | 100 ct. box

A Classic Virginia Oyster - Chincoteague Salts boast a briny flavor and is a great raw bar oyster for the holiday season.

Fresh #1 Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna
Caribbean | #1 Tuna, Large to Jumbo size

Our #1 Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna is sure to impress the toughest critics. Cut in-house to order, your orders are cut, processed, packed in Japanese rice paper to preserve quality, and delivered to you directly on one of our refrigerated delivery trucks.
Fresh Dry-Pack Scallops
Mid-Atlantic | U/10, 10/20, 20/30, Bays

Our Dry-Pack Scallops are harvested in mid-atlantic waters with much of them landed right here in VA. A premier product to put on your menu.

Live Eastern Shore Clams
Virginia | littleneck, middleneck, topneck, chowders

Live Clams in all sizes will be available for weekend orders - an Eastern Shore of VA delicacy!
Live Maine Lobsters
Maine, USA | 1#, 1.25#, 1.5#, 2-3#

We carry 4 different sizes of live lobsters in our on-premises holding tanks, available daily for delivery. Ask your account manager for more info on our live lobster program!
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