Fresh Seafood Update
October 14th, 2020
Featured Item!
Fresh Local Flounder
Virginia & N.C. | Medium, Large, Jumbo

Fresh Flounder is a great buy this week with record low prices for the year. Availability looks to stay strong with local boats continuing to have healthy size catches every week. We are cutting out some gorgeous fillets from these fish, available whole or filleted (skin on or off).

Spotlight Items!
Fresh North Carolina Shrimp
North Carolina | 21/25's & 26/30's

Fresh Carolina Shrimp are rolling in and quality is outstanding. A great time to get this local favorite on menu's.

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay. | Medium size fish

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish (striped bass) availability is ramping up and prices are coming down. Another local favorite to feature on your menu or market offerings. Available as whole fish or fillet.
Fresh Jumbo East Coast Halibut
East Coast | Jumbo 50# - 85# fish
Fresh East Coast Halibut are running beautiful and fat! These jumbo size fish produce fillets around 20 - 25# each. One of the best eating fish out there.

Fresh Local Puppy Drum
Virginia & N.C. | 3-7# fish
Fresh Puppy Drum are on deck this week and prices have come down considerably from earlier in the month. Sold whole or filleted, this is another great local fish to feature.

Fresh Speckled Trout
North Carolina | 2-4# fish

Another great local fish option, and prices are outstanding. Quality on these fish is outstanding and are rolling fresh every few days.
Fresh Local Sea Bass
Mid-Atlantic | Large 1-2# fish

Fresh Black Sea Bass is a great whole fish option this week, and we can gill and gut at your request, or fillet them.

Victory Point Oysters & Minnie Pearl Oysters
York River, VA | 100ct. boxes

NEW PRODUCT! We are proud to be the prime distributor for Victory Point Oysters & Minnie Pearl Oysters out of the York River! Cultivated from larvae, these guys get sifted, sorted, and tumbled in clean mid salinity water to achieve a beautiful cup shaped shell perfect for the half shell market.
Spanish Octopus
Spain | 6-8# each

Our Spanish Octopus is a high-end option, great for appetizers or even a main dish. Check one out with your next delivery!

Fresh Sea Scallops
Mid-Atlantic | gallon units - all sizes

Fresh Dry & Wet Sea Scallops in all sizes are available daily! Ask your rep for more info about our scallop program at Sam Rust.
Live Maine Lobsters
Maine, USA | 1#, 1.25#, 1.5#, 2-3#

We carry 4 different sizes of live lobsters in our on-premises holding tanks, available daily for delivery. Ask your account manager for more info on our live lobster program!
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