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Specialty Oyster List

Check out our extended specialty oyster list or call to inquire about an oyster you would like to feature!

´╗┐Availability changes weekly

Check this out!

Silver Bells Oysters

Get in touch with your sales representative about the Silver Bells Oyster promotion! For every bag sold of this product, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots USA! Orders are encouraged 2 days prior to your expected delivery.

mahi fillet1.JPG

Fresh Mahi Mahi

Our fresh fish spotlight this week is Mahi-Mahi! Decent landings down south are helping with low prices on this premium product. Our beautiful loins are getting cut from 5-10 lb. and 10-16 lb. fish!

oyster pick up 15.JPG

Our Oyster Recycling Initiative

Sam Rust's Pledge´╗┐ to the Bay

From backyard roasts to your favorite raw bar, oysters are unarguably considered a local delicacy along the East Coast. As one of the more popular seafood choices, it is crucial to recognize the importance of sustainable management and mindful consumption with the practice of oyster shell recycling. We met up with Claire Neubert, the peninsula oyster ambassador for Chesapeake Bay Foundation, to talk about just that; shell recycling, ways to help improve the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, and building habits to ensure oysters are enjoyed in future generations.


Product Updates

´╗┐Fresh Fish

Mahi Mahi - strong landings in the Caribbean

Nice landings down south are helping with low prices at premium quality.

Local Flounder - Local landings have been spotty

Availability is dependent on weather. Heavy winds have been keeping some of the boats at the dock, but our team is keeping us stocked.

Fresh Rockfish - landings are ramping up along the East Coast (VA & Maryland)

Availability is starting to catch up to the market, but prices should remain firm through the rest of this year. Prices are firm due to this year's tags running out at the end of the month. New tags will be issued in January.

Halibut - prices are high so this is considered a specialty ordered item as of now

If you are interested in purchasing Halibut for your menu, please get in touch with your sales representative. Ask your Rep about our previously frozen Halibut offering as well.

Scottish Salmon - Scotland is in the middle of regeneration

There have been some blips in availability on the larger 15 - 17 pound fish, but our procurement team has been doing a great job sourcing what is available to keep our customers supplied. Strong relationships with these farms are making a difference during shortages. This happens a few times a year, and typically isn't an issue for the market.

Yellowfin Tuna - decent supply

Availability is looking strong for all of our game fish. Domestic and Caribbean products are rolling in consistently.

Shellfish & Crustaceans

Fresh Local Crabmeat - season has ended

Local Crabmeat has come to an end this year. Our Virginia pasteurized crabmeat would be a great substitute for those who want to stick to the local product. Imported crabmeat is also steadily available.

Fresh Venezuelan Crabmeat - running steady

Prices are decent on this product for now, but expect prices to come up since the local crabmeat season ended. This product remains cheaper than pasteurized crabmeat.

Scallops - prices will continue to rise

Boats are coming close to their day quota, meaning they only have a few more days left out of this year to harvest scallops. This is currently driving prices up on all scallop products. It should be noted that next year's domestic quota will be shorter and issued in April, which will inevitably keep prices at an all-time high.

Maine Oysters - seasonal closures

We are seeing some of the Maine oyster farms coming to a close for the season, these products will be limited until Spring of 2022. Canadian oysters are a great substitute, ask your sales representative about availability!

IQF Half Shell Oysters - are back in stock

After weather complications, we were able to get this product back in stock. Our case comes in 12/1 dozen packages.

Frozen Items

Gulf Shrimp - Large brown shrimp (21/25ÔÇÖs and above) are less abundant than white shrimp

With the lack of labor, both boats and plants do not have the ability to process enough brown shrimp and this continues to be an issue. White shrimp remains a good alternative and are less expensive than browns on several sizes.

Frozen Tuna Loins - High demand and limited product

Prices are high and availability is spotty due to lack of labor and a strong demand for frozen tuna loins. Frozen tuna steaks are a good option to substitute, as well as our fresh tuna loins.

´╗┐Available Special Orders

Caviar - Get in touch with your sales representative to chat about our caviar program

Paddlefish, Hackleback, American Osetra are available with a 2-3 day lead time prior to your expected delivery.

Pacific Live Sea Urchin - Whole Fresh Live Sea Urchin harvested in California

Please contact your sales representative 2-3 days prior to your expected delivery.

Live Razor Clams - Northern East Coast waters

5 lb. minimum; briny flavors and firm, tender textures (2 day pre-orders are encouraged)

Fresh Skate Wings - Wild harvested in the North Atlantic

Premium fresh, skinless skate wings are available for pre-order.

Notable, delicate textures with mild, yet sweet flavors.

What's Fresh this Month?

fresh shucked oysters.JPG

Fresh Shucked Oysters

8oz., Pints, Quarts, Gallons

Locally known as Cap'n Sam's Oysters! This brand was launched back in the 90's and named after our founder Samuel Cornelius Rust. These are a great product to feature for the holidays, and please get in touch with your sales representative early for inquiries on quarts.


Live Lobsters

Sold by the piece

Live Maine and Canadian Lobsters are a go-to product for this time of year! Get with your sales representative for all of your live lobster needs. Any pre-orders are appreciated on larger orders. Larger sizes (4-8#) that we don't typically carry are available by special order.

caviar _2_.jpg

Salmon Roe

4.4oz container

Prized around the world for its flavor and texture, Salmon Roe is a great add to holiday menus. We also offer specialty orders for your caviar needs -- get in touch with your account manager for more information!


Spanish Octopus

Sold by the piece; 6/8# each

Beautiful Spanish Octopus is available frozen, raw, and sold by the piece! These have a slightly sweet flavor and firm textures, similar to scallops. This product makes beautiful table fare and presents well in retail cases.

Planning your holiday menus? Get in touch with your account manager for any seafood inquiries you may have to get your menus together early!

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