With Your Help, All Saints' Will Help Feed Our Calvert Neighbors In These Troubled Times

All Saints Parish is responsible for filling the Calvert County Community Food Pantry (CCCFP) every month of May. As you can imagine, this will be a unique challenge now. We usually accomplish this obligation and privilege by a combination of collecting canned food and cash donations, but Covid-19 makes food collection difficult, and perhaps dangerous. As a result, the Giving Back Commission asks each of us to rise to this challenge with monetary donations, keeping two things in mind: some people who would ordinarily donate will be unable to do so because of layoffs; and, the number of people in need of food assistance will undoubtedly be high for similar reasons. Our goal is to raise no less than $2000 by the first of May, through individual donations. Please give generously.  You can give to the Food Pantry with this link ( https://app.easytithe.com/App/Form/54942c30-b1dd-4a4a-9367-fc7143eaa702 ) or by mailing a check to All Saints Parish, P.O. Box 40, Sunderland, MD 20689. Nearly every form of “plastic” and fund transfers will work on easyTithe . Thank you!!!
Trivia, Friday Night - Bigger, Better...Safer
We are back for another go at Friday night Trivia. We have taken some extra precautions to ensure that we can play without the unpleasantries we experienced in our first attempt.

For that reason, you are being emailed this link through our All Saints' membership email group. It is your ticket into all of the fun. After you click on the link, you will need to enter the password.

This is the link
Join Zoom Trivia
https://zoom.us/j/99161301003    Password: 016933

If you are joining in over the Zoom app, you will enter the meeting ID and then the password when prompted.

Meeting ID: 991 6130 1003
Password: 016933

Feel free to share with friends and family that might want to play as part of your team. Please let us know by emailing allsaints1692@allsaiunts1692.org if you are inviting others to join so that we can identify them when they enter the waiting room before the quiz.
Virtual Wine Tasting in a Covid-19 World
Here’s the proposal for our virtual wine tasting this Sunday afternoon (April 19 th ) starting at 4pm. 
Each attending household uses a wine of their choice and provides their own hors d'oeurves. Since we are not all tasting the same wine or eating the same hors d'oeurves, each participant gets approximately three minutes to say hello to all, update us on how they are doing, present their wine, discuss it's attributes and explain / describe their food selection. The presentation is intended to be fun, it can be entertaining, interesting, informative, funny, ....it may be all about the wine, or may have little to do with the wine, so be creative. The format is entirely up to the presenter, similar to our usual wine tasting. Let’s have GREAT FUN with this month’s tasting!
Instead of our conventional wine voting with cash, we will vote for our favorite wine tasting presentation. The presentation with the most votes wins and their wine wins the honors. The voting criteria is entirely up to the individual voters, but you cannot vote for yourself, and we will not have "Chicago" rules as we do with the cash donations, so only one vote per participant.
The wine tasting group is a major contributor to the church's community outreach via our monthly wine voting, and those outreach missions are on-going during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the sudden rise in unemployment, our local food banks are seeing a large increase in demand at a time when they can no longer receive direct food donations.  They are greatly in need of funds to purchase food for those in need during these difficult times. Even though the wine tasting group is not contributing in person this month, you can donate to All Saints’ outreach online, and that donation can be directed to specific charities.
Please RSVP via email joverstrom01@gmail.com to let John Overstrom know if you plan to participate and to receive further details.
A follow-up e-mail will provide the specific details for logging onto the wine tasting and contributing to the church's community outreach.