May 2, 2019
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Dear Bulldog Supporter, 

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Greg Raczkowski and I am the Athletic Director at Tavares High School. I have currently been AD here for four years. One of our most successful programs since I have been at Tavares is our Track team. We have had numerous students sign Division I scholarships, most recently Mississippi State and Memphis. 

The reason I am writing you is our Track team has our State Track meet coming up, which takes place in Jacksonville, Florida (first weekend of May). We are anticipating 22 athletes will qualify for state, which is the most we have ever had advance to the State meet! Although this is an achievement everyone within the school, community and locally can be proud of, some financial considerations need to be resolved. Lodging is a main concern, as the hotels within close proximity to UNF are expensive, but some of our athletes compete at different times of the day, so in order to shuttle back and forth, we cannot stay too far away from the location of the event. 22 athletes, 6 adults/coaches requires a handful of rooms for two nights. The lodging for both nights to accommodate everyone is $2500.00, not including food. Unfortunately, we have zero revenue from Track this year, so any expenses on this trip must come from Track, fundraising, or imposed on the students who qualified. That is where this letter to community businesses and organizations comes into play. Any donation to help offset the lodging and transportation would be extremely grateful. We have a wonderful group of seniors who have been standouts for Tavares High School for four years now, and I would love to send them out in style. 

Checks are written out to Tavares High School. My contact information will be listed below if you have any questions or concerns. I have seen how great the support is within the Tavares network and am hoping I can count on you, our local businesses, yet again to help give our students an experience they will never forget as they travel to Jacksonville for the FHSAA State Track meet. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Greg Raczkowski
Athletic Director 
Tavares High School
352-516-0697 (Cell)
John Riordan
Community Health Centers, Inc.
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Janet Noack
United Southern Bank
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Dee Johns
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Cheryl Rumbley
Cornerstone Hospice
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Kim Spence
Seacoast Bank

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