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On Friday June 15th, Representative Robert Foster hosted new Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner, Andy Gipson, in North Mississippi at his family farm. I invited a friend and his daughter, Maci. After the event, they got to know Titus while at the petting zoo. Later, I found out that Titus was Representative Dan Eubank's nephew. Needless to say, they had a lot of fun.

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Teach For America  had orientation for its educators cohort at  Delta State University . Thanks for inviting me to share early morning motivational words to the young and energetic group that had a live DJ at 7:30 am. I reminded them that we need all hands on deck to change our educational system in Mississippi. Also, I communicated that we can't give up on our kids. I am ready to work with any group that can help increase chances of more kids in the Mississippi Delta finishing high school and becoming tax paying, productive citizens. 

I spent part of my "Juneteenth" at the Mississippi State Penitentiary (also called Parchman). Thanks to my deskmate Representative  Cheikh Taylor for the invitation. For three and a half hours, we got a chance to view facility, evaluate operations, and speak to inmates. There is much we can do to rewrite the heinous sentencing against some of these men; particularly African American Men. We have ruined enough families in our state. Mississippi, let's grow up....

Thanks to Senator Robert L Jackson for nominating me for the Rising Environmental Leader Award in Los Angeles, California last month at the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) annual conference. Over the last year, I have become acquainted with other legislators from around the country who work on outdoor recreation, ocean & river pollution, residential recycling, and other environmental issues that impact states; particularly, those states who share the Mississippi River. I look forward to continuing the work to maximize this resource in the Mississippi Delta. In the second photograph, Senator Debbie Dawkins and Senator Sampson Jackson shared a moment at the conference. Click Here to see more photographs.

I had a good time with my family at the Alcorn State University  Bolivar County Alumni Association  scholarship fundraiser held at the  GRAMMY Museum Mississippi  in Cleveland, Mississippi. The fellowship was amazing and the Cuz Band was awesome!!! Both my parents (Abe, Sr. &  Geraldine Holliman Hudson ) and my wife ( Adrienne White Hudson ) attended  Alcorn State University .

I supported my legislative colleague Representative  David Baria in the U.S. Senate runoff on June 26.  The weekend before the election, he spent 5 hours with me in Bolivar County. I was glad he got to meet the people I call neighbors and the place I call home. Representative Baria will be on the ballot again on November 6th.  Click Here  to see more photographs.

Thanks to Bolivar County Circuit Clerk Marilyn L. Kelly for always handling business in an excellent manner. We appreciate you and your staff for all you do to uphold the standards of the office.

Established by former slave Isaiah T. Montgomery, Mound Bayou, Mississippi was one of the earliest all-black municipalities. It is located in the Mississippi Delta following the Civil War. Today, Montgomery's home is in urgent need of stabilization and rehabilitation.  It has been added to the National Trust for Historic Heritage Trust America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places Hopefully, this designation will spur investment, participation, and support!!! This is an important part of both American and Mississippi History.

I joined a diverse group of government, business, and nonprofit leaders in New Orleans, Louisiana to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th. The event was hosted by the  United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) as part of this year's "Beat Plastic Pollution" theme. UNEP and the  National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) asked both Rep.  Rick Hansen (Minnesota) and I to attend this event. During my speech at NCEL, I focused on what I feel the role of the small c ommunity's must be. "No matter how small your city or town is, we all must play our role in making the world a more environmentally friendly place," I stated. Click Here to see more photographs.

Several local young people from Bolivar County, ages 15-22, were selected for one year internships with the North Bolivar County Good Food Revolution Project. It is an effort to decrease food deserts in the Mississippi Delta. The internship paid almost $3,00 0 for each student involved. That includes approximately 280 hours of training in four major areas:  Food Production,  Food Distribution & Marketing,  Consumer Education, and  Life & Work Skill building. Click Here to learn more about the program.

Here, I am photographed with  Brandon Presley who is the Public Service Commissioner for the Northern District of Mississippi. He is one of three Mississippi public service commissioners. Click Here to learn more about what is being done to increase high speed internet. There are some critics to this new plan, but I am open to listening as the idea evolves because I serve so many rural constituents.

Rosedale Freedom Project ( is doing some impactful things in the lives of youth on the River Side (Rosedale) of Bolivar County. I was encouraged to listen to the freedom the youth had to express themselves. On this particular day, I was not asked to speak, but to simply watch and listen to kids in action as they came up with ideas about how to improve their community. My advice, when you begin to lose hope about Mississippi or the Mississippi Delta, please go spend some time with young people. We can't give up on the babies. 

June 2nd was the Bolivar County Library System (Cleveland Location) Saturday Preschool Storyhour. It is always the first Saturday each month. Mrs Bobbie, invited Dr. Todd Davis (
Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education and Recreation) of
 Delta State University to celebrate National Safety Month as the special guest. Dr. Davis talked about water safety and brought several life jackets for the children and adults to see and try on. He then read "Leo Can Swim" and "Froggy Learns to Swim." Thanks to Dr. Davis for teaching us how to be safe in the water. We ended the morning by making Father's Day cards. 

Recently, I attended the Southern Legislative Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. I am photographed below with my legislative colleague, Representative Carl Mickens. Representative Mickens is a retired Noxubee County Circuit Court Clerk. For all you sports fans, he played quarterback at Kentucky State University. Click Here to see more photographs.

Opinions & Perspectives
John F. Kennedy High School Closing
The North Bolivar Consolidated School District School Board made a decision several months ago to consolidate the district by combining JFK High School and Shelby Broadstreet High School. A group of JFK supporters got together to stop the consolidation. It was sent to one judge and then after several procedural moves by both sides, it was sent to the Supreme Court of Mississippi. The Mississippi State Supreme Court filed an order on August 14, 2018 stating that the high school (JFK) could close; the first day of school was scheduled for August 16, 2018. Now, school will start on August 20th. Click Here to read my full excerpt.

Special Session, Roads & Bridges
Bolivar County Administrator  Will Hooker  sent me and other legislators a letter and resolution to address the Roads and Bridge issue in our county. Infrastructure issues (Roads and Bridges) is what the August 23rd special session is supposed to help resolve. It is estimated that we need roughly $400 million per year for the next 10 years to get most major issues under control. While I am all for creating policy that will really help Mississippians, I will not vote for something that I don't feel like will be a long term com prehensive plan. Furthermore, there is no way to have a comprehensive plan if you haven't involved some of the people most impacted by bridge closures and road maintenance. Click Here to read other comments pertaining to this topic.

Medicinal Marijuana
I am proud to announce that I am part of the Medicinal Marijuana 2020 steering committee of medical/health care professionals, law enforcement representatives, respected veterans, leaders in the faith community, and several elected officials. These leaders are forging the way for  the Medical Marijuana 2020 ( ) campaign to make medical marijuana available to Mississippians who have debilitating medical conditions. It would allow those patients to obtain medical marijuana in a legal and safe manner from licensed treatment centers that are regulated by the Mississippi Department of Health. To do that, we are gathering signatures on petitions to qualify a constitutional amendment for the 2020 general election ballot. Click Here to see who else is part of the steering committee.

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