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WHAT'S HOT Week of September 10, 2018

Early Release Day 2:30pm 

Picture day

SEPT 25 
Baked potato bar! Meet other parents! All are welcome!

SEPT 27 
Curriculum night 

Coffee/Tea w/ the Principal
Per Scheduling with the  Front Office 206-252-9850

Please check the school website regularly for complete schedule and updates! 

  • Locking file cabinet (CSCA)
  • Fridge without automatic defrost (Science Dept.)
  • Two black wheeling office chairs (Science Dept.)
Please let Molly Goldman
know if you have a lead or would like to sponsor these needs.  Thanks!  
REMINDER: Reminder: TCS students get discounted monorail passes. Bring student ID or transportation notice (or have Ms. Tracey print out a notice that you attend TCS) and show at monorail office to get your $25 monthly pass.
We have parking passes at the front desk. If you have access to a printer, we can email you the pass for the date of your visit. Just email either Tracey Lott or Kathy Webb with the date of your visit and we will email you a pass for that exact date. 
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The CSCA is our PTA. Our purpose is to work the for betterment of Center School for all students. 

2018-2019 Executive Board

Co-Vice Presidents
The Center School Parents is a closed group.


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Greetings! Welcome to the end of the first week of school which started off with the   TCS staff dancing into 2018-2019 to Aretha Franklin's Respect and setting the synergy and the tone for the new school year. The students were delighted and awestruck at the musical introduction to a new school year at TCS and at the fact that the TCS staff could dance. 

There are so many thanks to give  out just in the first day of school. Thank you, Malinda CSCA co-president for sharing a beautiful video. Thank you, Heidi, CSCA co-president and parents for a much-appreciated lunch and the many volunteer hours you provided in coordinating and serving lunch on the 1st day of school. Many thanks to parents who came and stuffed back to school packets which are being mailed home today to ensure delivery. Thank you TCS staff, students and parents for making the opening of school a memorable one. 

One week down and many to follow as each of us will reflect on the first week of school through an individualized lens and think about all of the memories created and shared during three days of building school community and partnerships. From my reflective lens, the week went well with Ms. Karen, Counselor and Ms. Tracey, Registrar revising many schedules and adjusting enrollment from an all-time
high of 268 enrolled students to Friday's enrollment of 262 students.  The District is conducting a five-day headcount to ensure that all schools are working with maximized  FTE in staffing reflective of the actual number of students in the classrooms. 

TCS has partnered with online companies Apex Learning and Edison Learning to provide a total of 50 slots for additional course offerings
at no cost for students and we have 12 of 25 slots already filled for Apex Learning.

I am hoping to set up interviews for the Career Specialist position for September 20, 2018 from 4-5:30pm, so I will need an interview team for those interviews. Having a parent as part of the interview team would be excellent so  send me an email if interested. 

We welcomed three new staff members
this year, Bronte Neel (Humanities), Beverly Lackey (Drama and Health), and Walter White (our new Instrumental Music  program), so congratulations to each of them.

On September 20th, a team of TCS staff are hoping to take a couple of students to The School of the Tacoma Arts to look at ways to expand our program offerings. If there is a
parent or two interested in joining this trip please contact me. 

This upcoming weekly schedule is provided with activities that include picture day and the last two days of headcounts: 

Week of September 10-14, 2018
  • Monday, 9/10 (1-3-5-MASH): Headcount in Period 1 
  • Tuesday, 9/11 (2-4-6-MASH): Headcount in Period 2
  • Wednesday, 9/12 (1 through 6, Early Release Day at 2:30pm, no MASH): Common Planning/Job Alike + 1 hour teacher-directed staff meeting
  • Thursday, 9/13 (1-3-5-MASH)
  • Friday, 9/14 (2-4-6-MASH): School Picture Day with LifeTouch
During MASH beginning on Tuesday, teachers will provide instruction on our new behavior
matrix guiding principles: 
  1. Be Here Now
  2. Put Learning First
  3. Respect All and 
  4. Leave it Better 
These outline  the types of student behavior expected in the classroom, commons, hallways, balcony, bathroom, food  court, performance spaces, student events and in/out of school as representatives of self and school  community members. Students have been given planners in Period 3 so ask to see them and read  through them with your students.

As we adjust to the end of summer, take care of yourself and remind students to do so as well, as we all move gently into this new school year full of hope and endless possibilities. 

Thank you, parents, for all you do in serving in partnership with the TCS school community.

Dr. Barbara Casey

First Day Lunch Success
Thanks parents for sponsoring first day lunch! 
CSCA was able to provide pizza, fruits and veggies! EXTRA  BIG thanks to volunteers Laurel, Daphne and Molly. 

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers needed to help replace broken chairs. We'll supply tools and pieces. Likely will be scheduled for a Sunday in September. Please let Molly Goldman know if you can help. 

CSCA Needs You!
We are still looking to fill a few open positions. Please let us know if you're interested or want more information:

Junior parent to chair Senior Event committee
This is a great way to front load your volunteerism so you don't feel bad next year and can just focus on your senior! :) 

We have a great treasurer but are looking to spread the load with a co-treasurer. 

Race and Equity Committee Chair
Support the work of staff and students and recruitment/retention!  Last year the committee put on a great parent ed night on understanding implicit bias. 
ARTISTS! Make an impact through art!
Join the Henry Teen Art Collective.
The Henry Teen Art Collective is a group of young thinkers, makers, and leaders who propose new ideas and build community around contemporary art. Representing high schools across the city, Collective members gather weekly to meet artists, explore exhibitions, and collaborate on projects aimed at supporting youth voices through art. The program offers a stipend or community service credit.

We highly encourage youth of color, LGBTQ+, and individuals of all abilities to apply. Applications are due by midnight on September 30. Accepted members will be notified by October 10. First session is November 1.

 Learn more and apply here!

Introduction Classes at AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) 
Located on the 4th floor in  the Armory, evening classes are being offered for elective credit and portfolio building and career exploration.

The next session starts on September 19th, meeting once a week on Wednesday
evenings from 6:30pm to 9:00pm for eight sessions, skipping Halloween 10/31.

The 8-week course is $495, however the promo code: HS2018 gets students a 50%  discount!

Course offerings include:
  • Introduction to 3D Animation
  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Introduction to Game Programming
  • Introduction to Storyboarding for Animation, taught by Victor Fuste, former Training & Artistic Development Specialist for DreamWorks!
Click here for details and online registration.