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What's HOT the Week of June 14 , 2020    
End of Year Message from Dr. Casey, TCS Principal 

Greetings to The Center School Community, 
When I started reflecting on the 2019-2020 school year in early 
March  2020, my primary thoughts centered around recruitment and school enrollment for 2020-2021; scheduling 2nd teacher observations; gathering student data on attendance an d student engagement and performance in classrooms; finding resources and strategies in improving student learning; supporting staff mini-grants and keeping an open-mind on the pulse of all things TCS. In an instant that idealism of school planning descended into a surrealism of a medical pandemic with emergency school closures and protests profiling a systemic and historical legacy of racism precipitated by the murder of George Floyd handcuffed and gasping for air as he called for his Mother and reiterated to the four police officers "I can't breathe". George Floyd died within nine minutes with his face planted in the concrete granules of a public roadway next to a police car.
Within days, the lethal pandemic crisis both medical and social intersected into proactive social activism and a societal decry of injustice, racial inequity and a public redress of the historical lineage and police actions disproportionately taking the lives and silencing the voices of African Americans due to systemic racism. The ongoing racism that continues to deepen the divide between our social and emotional consciousness is its own exposure of a raw nerve of social complicity and generalized acceptance in terms of race. I have been watching the news on multiple channels trying to breathe through the latest degradation and silencing of black lives. The protests are the exhaling of a collective angst, a primal ancestral scream of ongoing racism rooted in our historical American legacy.
We have to find a way to breathe within and beyond the protests. It is within our breathes that we exact change and pass on a legacy of a new normal in the American Dream inclusive of all Americans for the current and next generations. I ask everyone in our TCS community to pause, reflect and breathe. Breathe in new activism, new social and political reform on racial equity and access, renewed commitment to anti-racist reform, and an active participation to closing the opportunity gap that has historically marginalized African American males and students of color, in all school communities and within the totality of American society. Breathe in the possibilities of a new dream that reflects racial solidarity and systemic inclusion in the constructs of America's consciousness in all of our actions.
Yes, there will be protests in Seattle and globally in creating a new norm of systemic racial equity and inclusion in the fabric of the American culture and in the dream of equality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words continue to resonate through the marches and protests providing meaning to 20 consecutive days that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." We march in hope and belief of racial equality and social justice. We march with a hope and vision that humanity prevails in how we hold the door open for all to enter into the American dream.
Let's create new legacies for our students and families and honor African American lives forcibly taken by doing better and being better than our historical legacies and our current reality. I dream today and always for a better America and an inclusive future for America and students in classrooms nationwide. Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech continues to resonate in the heartbeat of two pandemic viruses in our world, COVID-19 and Racism, "I say to you today my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream... I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, We hold these truth to be self-evident; that all men (people) are created equal".
We are a school of social activists with an active RET (Racial Equity Team) of staff and students articulate in creating professional development and conversations around race and equity and access. Seattle is our community and TCS is our school community. We can be the voice in peaceful solidarity as we passionately challenge social injustice and systemic racism in our world and in our classrooms. Please remember that we are all one world, one human race and one voice for social justice and equality, so breathe with peaceful responsiveness for George Floyd and all African Americans who have had their lives taken on the streets and for all African American male students who continue to be underserved in today's classrooms. Breathe for social reforms and racial unification that will create historical legacies that define a new America of equality for all people.
As we navigate into 2020-2021, what I know for sure is that TCS is a community built on resiliency, activism and promise. Students will recover academically as teachers are working to build in remediation learning in terms of helping students close the gap from 2019-2020 academic experiences to new course learning for 2020-2021. My hope is that families and teachers will continue to help students forge positive learning beliefs and goals in their individual goals for achievement. The grade given to students this semester is not reflect of their learning or their efforts, but it is a grade reflective of a pandemic and that impact on student learning. Grades from this point moving forward will be reflective on an evaluation of active student participation and work performance. I am asking students to step up into your learning in terms of engagement, accountability and inclusionary practices in the classroom. As your Principal, I believe in each and every one of you and I am committed to your success and equitable access as lifelong learners.
Although school will end on June 19, 2020, always remember that learning continues for a lifetime. Be safe, stay well and let's keep the conversation going... Thank you all for being a part of the TCS community. You matter and I remain honored to be your Principal.

Dr. Casey (Barbara)  


MAY 18-JUNE 30
Running Start Enrollment

Deadline to sign up for TCS Virtual Talent Show!

Senior Graduation 
( Info Packet-PDF)

Last Day of School Year
Not sure when your class is meeting online? View the schedule on the  School Calendar

The following resources are available for you and your students during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Email and profiles of TCS Staff

A resource for students and their families with shortcuts to the Source, Schoology and other online tools.  To learn more about Schoology, read the Schoology Parent Guide .

Learn more about how the district is rolling out distance learning during CV-19. 

SPS has published guidance for families in the IEP and Evaluation Guidance for Families 

During the closure, grades will be either "A" or "Incomplete" 

This link to the At Home Learning page contains useful information for continued learning. At the bottom of the page you will find a document folder called Communication from Teachers to Students, where we are posting all relevant news for continued learning opportunities.


While TCS is shut down,  Teen Health Center  services are still available! Services include consultation and refilling prescriptions.  Visits are via telephone or video. Please reach out and we will make arrangements based on your needs .

Mental Health Counselor:
Chelsea Clark MSW, LICSW

Nurse Practitioner: 
Karen Boudour ARNP

Substance Use: 
text/call at 206-488-2795

Urgent Dental Care

If you would like to check your child's vaccine status or schedule an immunization, please contact Karen Boudour via email at  karen.boudour@swedish.org , or via text at  206 390-3355 .
You may also reach the Clinic Coordinator, Say , at 206 390-3355 . (Call or text her at this number for the process to initiate services if you have not been seen in the Clinic before.)
Edward RhoCareer Center Specialist for TCS, has created Instagram and Zoom accounts to connect with students. Please follow "tcscareers" on Instagram for career opportunities, scholarships, internships, and financial aid posts/updates. 

You can also check out the Career Center page on The Center School website. And if your students need to speak with Edward about their career choices after high school, please email him to schedule a Zoom appointment.
During these extraordinary times, SPS has stepped up to offer information and services for families who need assistance. All the services are listed on the COVID-19 Resource Page.

Meal Service
SPS is providing meal service for students via 26 school sites across the city. Student meal sites will operate from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Locations are listed on the Student Meals resource page.

Mental Health Services  
If you or your family needs emotional support during this time, the district has shared a list of agencies that provide crisis support. To view the complete list, please click here.
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TCS Online Graduation 2020!
Monday, June 15, 5:30-6:45
Join us for a celebration of the Graduating Class of 2020! This year's ceremony will begin with a prerecorded broadcast and then cut over to a live Zoom stream!
Our 2020 graduation will be broadcast on YouTube as well as by SPSTV to provide both television and online options for viewing by students, families, and staff. Beginning June 20, SPSTV will rebroadcast the graduation through July 4.
How to watch:
  • SPS TV (TV channels in the city of Seattle)
    • Comcast 26 (standard-def) 319 (hi-def)
    • Wave 26 (standard-def) 695 (hi-def)
    • Century Link 8008 (standard-def) 8508 (hi-def)
  • SPS TV on YouTube
  • Or just join us for the Zoom portion:

Please read this document on Tips for Enjoying the Graduation via Zoom.

Congratulations, Class of 2020! We're proud of you!
TCS Talent Show Deadline Extended to 6/15


Registration for classes begins Monday May 18th and runs through the end of June.

Returning already-enrolled Running Start students should e-mail Ms. Karen @ kabrookman@seattleschools.org to receive a signed Enrollment Verification Form.

New students to Running Start should go to the website of the college campus they wish to attend - Seattle Central, North Seattle, South Seattle, Bellevue, or Shoreline. Each college has basically the same process for enrollment but with a few variations. After clicking on "Academics" (or "Programs") -> High School Programs -> Running Start, all the college's steps to enroll are there. Students will need to take an online assessment, one for all English/Writing/History courses and one for Math if students want to take Math or Science at the college. Running Start math courses start at Pre-Calculus level.

After enrollment is completed, students should contact Ms. Karen for course advising and to receive an Enrollment Verification Form. They will then receive an appointment from the Running Start office for online advising and to pick out their classes and schedule.

New students who are attending Running Start part-time will need to work their schedules out for both college and Center School carefully to avoid conflicts.


The summer learning program will take place from July 6 - August 7 All enrolled students will have access to summer learning opportunities and enrichment provided by community partners. In addition, teachers will help identify students who might need more personalized academic support. Instruction will be focused on the content covered this last school year and the skills and concepts students need to make a successful transition to the next grade. 

Students currently in grades 9-12 who need credit recovery for a course they previously did not pass or who have received an "Incomplete" during the school building closures will have the opportunity to recover up to 1.0 credits (two 0.5 credit courses) this summer from the available courses. Students will have access to the online learning system, Apex Learning, and will be assigned a teacher who will provide live instruction and one-on-one sessions.

To register for classes, or to get more information, please contact Karen Brookman at kabrookman@seattleschools.org

Summer Skills Center programs now open for registration!
SPS Skills Center programs offer a large variety of courses open to all students for high school CTE (Career Tech Ed) credits. Including incoming 9th graders! July 7 through July 31 (19 days total), 11:00-3:15pm. Two remote lessons per day at the beginning and end, with 2 hours of independent work in-between. 
Classes limited in number (20 students per class), and priority to 11th and 12th graders who need HEALTH or CTE credits to be on track to graduate.
Registration form available at:  http://skillscenter.seattleschools.org

Update: College Bound Deadline
special exception to deadlines will be made for College Bound students who are required to sign a pledge to establish eligibility during 8th or 9th grade in the 2019-20 school year. Visit the  Counselor Resources  page for ongoing COVID-19 updates, deadlines, and more. 

Learn more and apply for financial aid on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.
Home Meal Delivery for Families 

United Way of King County, Food Lifeline, the City of Seattle, and Metro Access are now offering home delivery of emergency food boxes across Seattle, North King Country and East King Country during COVID-19. This resource is available to anyone who
  • Lives in Seattle, North King County, or East King County
  • Is unable to access their local food bank in person
  • Is unable to afford groceries
To order a food box, fill out this online form, or call toll-free at 833-540-0800, Mondays to Fridays from 11am-4pm. At this time, households can order up to three food boxes per delivery. More information is available Online.

Families are encouraged to visit their local food banks if they are able: in addition to on-site food distributions, many local food banks also operate home delivery programs, and may be able to provide a more customized food selection to clients. Families can find a nearby food bank at foodlifeline.org/need-food.