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SPECIAL EDITION - March 25, 2020   
Governor Inslee made an emergency proclamation closing all public school districts and private schools in the state of Washington through at least April 24 to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a result, Seattle Public Schools will be closed for a minimum of six weeks, with classes scheduled to resume on Monday, April 27.

Read the district's COVID-19 news announcement.  

Annual Auction

In School Classes Expected to Resume
Please check the Calendar and News section of the  school website regularly for complete schedule and updates!

The following resources are available for you and your students during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Email and profiles of TCS Staff

Check here often for classroom instruction updates

This link to the At Home Learning page contains useful information for continued learning. At the bottom of the page you will find a document folder called  Communication from Teachers to Students, where we are posting all relevant news for continued learning opportunities.

Center Teen Health Center
  phone: 206-390-3355
Health Center s ervices are still available during the school closure via email and phone. THIS INCLUDES REFILLING PRESCRIPTIONS.
Visits will likely be done via telephone.
Your teen can reach out and arrangements will be made based on their needs. 

The CSCA is our PTA. Our purpose is to work for the betterment of Center School for all students. 

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Welcome Back to the Dragon's Fire!
The Dragon's Fire Newsletter is a time-honored tradition, published by the CSCA for the TCS community. While a few issues have gone out this school year, we're happy to announce that an awesome parent has stepped up and we will now be sending out a weekly newsletter to all subscribers! In addition, we will be updating the CSCA page of the TCS website. 
During this time of COVID-19, we are all trying to stay on top of the information coming our way from SPS and TCS. By sending out this newsletter on a regular basis and updating the website, we hope to provide reliable conduits of information to the school community. And when "normal" returns, we'll use the DF/website to keep everyone in the loop on TCS and CSCA events, stories, and information.
A big thanks to our parent volunteers. And we hope everyone is taking care of themselves and their families. We are in this together!
- the CSCA Board

Greetings TCS Student and

Thank you students and  families for your continued commitment to student learning engagement as we navigate the current pandemic crisis. We are navigating a new societal reality, one that continues to test our resilience and belief. The District, OSPI and Governor Inslee have provided expected updates and next steps in daily communication, so please continue to read those emails and stay informed. Teachers are working diligently to provide optional, ungraded online learning experiences for students in keeping them connected with academic content areas. Remember, we are all one shared family  working together in a larger community towards a common goal of healing and a post-CV-19 reality.
The District has provided a list of mental health and other resources for student and family access:

Mental Health Support for Families and Students
The Coordinated School Health Department recently updated the list of Mental Health Support Services available to students and families within our community. The list was updated last week and includes whether the organization is accepting new clients now and their contact information. Please feel free to share with others in your buildings or teams that you support. This most current information will be accessible on the  MySPS Coordinated School Health website .

More Resources for Families
An OSPI link sent to me earlier by a staff member shows that the state is trying to figure out a more formalized structure within the current District/SEA direction on teacher ongoing instruction beyond the classroom. I commend TCS teachers in providing relevant and ongoing subject content materials for your students, so the included link merely reinforces what they are already doing as excellent Instructional Leaders. I have teachers who want to use online platforms like Zoom to put a face to the classroom experience for students and there has been a reticent for this implementation given the issues of equity and access for students and parent concerns of increased anxiety for students. Given that students are requesting the connection with teachers and the idea that a Zoom platform could be accessed using a student's cell phone which almost all students have, I would like staff to explore this option in addition to posting all materials on Schoology. This connection would be optional for students who may find this type of venue daunting, however, students will be provided the information either via email or Schoology or a phone call.

I would also like to share with you the  March 23rd Coronavirus Update from the District , which includes plans for operations under the Governor's "Stay At Home, Stay Healthy" order.

Michael Lekas is the new website coordinator for the CSCA page of the school website. He will be posting all teacher learning activities for students for another access source. Students and parents can use the school website to access teacher emails for direct communication. Thank you Michael. The CSCA Executive Board is meeting monthly via Zoom so now is a great time to volunteer your services on the Board in filling positions for this year and next. Thank you Board members for your continued work in keeping CSCA viable and connected within our greater school community. We need more parent input as Board members so parents talk to current Board members and take your place on the Board.

Thank you everyone for your continued work and support. We are in the now of CV-19, but know that this too will one day soon become a memorable part of our historical knowledge. We will never return to the normal we knew before CV-19, however, there is beauty in greeting a new normal given the life lessons learned from being in the chaos of a major pandemic in the 21st Century. Take care and be safe out there.

Dr. Casey (Barbara)
Principal TCS
The State Legislature passed a new law (EHB 2965) supporting the state's response to the novel coronavirus. This law includes a provision that allows the State Board of Education to grant an emergency waiver to local education agencies (e.g., school districts, etc.) and private schools. The waiver will provide flexibility so individual students in the graduating Class of 2020 or earlier, who were on track to graduate, are not held back by school closures due to the novel coronavirus.
The Board will hold a Special Meeting from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, to review the draft timeline and considerations for rulemaking. The Board expects to adopt emergency rules by the middle of April .

There will be a public Zoom meeting, which will be posted on Twitter and on the SBE Meetings page. In the mean time, those who wish to provide public comment may do so by sending email to

In support of CDC guidelines, the annual auction has been postponed until June 5th.

Early Bird pricing has been extended through May 15th. 

Ticket purchases and donations can be made through the official website:
SPS states "Today, March 16, student meal distribution began at 26 school sites across the city. Student meal sites will operate from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Monday through Friday." Locations are listed on the Student Meals resource page.   
The Seattle Times reports  that "about 50 or 60 sites  will be open for  food service  starting 
Monday. Ideally, they will operate similar to the way food service is run during the 
summer, in a collaboration between the district and local child care providers."